3 character transfer problems

ok, I purchased the 3 character transfer from the blizzard store, was transferring 3 from Barthilas to Saurfang. I clicked on my hunter first and went through the options clicking on what I wanted and then did the same with my Shaman, then moved on to my DH, click on all the same things, and then clicked on accept and thought that it would show the transfer icon after a few next to her name, but it didn’t and this was over an hr ago, still isn’t there and the transfer thing is not at the top of the screen anymore. I know I done everything correct because I had JUST done it 2 other characters and it worked, so I am not sure what happened there and not sure what to do

I believe your transfers are processing, but I remember there being a issue with it showing as in processing. It may just be pending, and transfer should process normally.

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the other 2 only took like 10 mins each to transfer over, it has been over an hr now since the other one, and it still gives me the option to log into her

Then I would put in a ticket under purchase problem, chances are if you can log into the character you attempted to transfer, something blocked that transfer from starting, they can look to see what and if they need to return your token.

ok I will do that, wasn’t really sure what category it would have come under, hence why I came here instead first

I can see the two transfers, and yeah, they appear to have gone through without an issue. I don’t see the third though, so I would agree with Kozzae, submit a “Purchase Failure” ticket and let them know that character doesn’t appear to be transferring nor can you see the Transfer Token.

Be sure to list which character/realm you are transferring in your ticket, for reference.


I have done that, thank you and hopefully, someone will get back to me soon, it says 13 days min wait but I hope not

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Weird, tickets are mostly well under a day. I think refund requests, due to the expansion pre-sale and other sales, etc… are experiencing a big uptick so are a bit over a day right now.

Ok got a reply soon than I thought, they have returned my transfer token so I can transfer my 3 characters over. Thank you everyone for the help and suggestions