3/9M Shadow Priest LF an Alliance guild working on Opulence or beyond


Hey! Looking for a nice raiding guild for my shadow priest. I have AOTC BFD/COS, 3/9M, and 1.7kio exp on my main toon. Heroic and 3/9M experience on this toon. I’m looking for a mythic oriented raid team. I won’t be able to raid Monday/Tuesday but other days works. Super late night / morning also works. Message me here or in game! Kyiiah-stormrage. bnet: rahat#11488

I could be convinced to go horde but that’d be for special circumstances only.


Chaosbeards - Alliance Dalaran is now recruiting for Mythic BoD and 8.2.

3/9M 2/2H

About Chaosbeards:

We’re a group of friends that wanted a place to test our abilities, have transmog themed raid nights, and have a good time. We’re also open to casuals who want a solid community of active players always looking some one for mythic+, raids, transmog runs and more. (Beards are not required join)

Raid Schedule:

8pm - 11pm EST Tuesday
8pm - 11pm EST Thursday

Drunk Run (Optional) 8:30-~11pm EST Saturday.

Raid Expectations:

We take a serious but healthy approach to raiding with the expectation of doing more in less time. This means doing research, coming prepared to fights, self accountability, and a willingness to learn and improve. We are all AOTC raiders, some with mythic experience and are looking for a few more raiders to bolster our roster with the goal of mythic progression. We also have regular mythic+ keystone groups.

Expectations for Recruitment:

We expect consistent performance representative of your gear level and a level-headed professional attitude, but we don’t necessarily demand top-tier mythic raiding output. Applicants will go through an interview followed by 2-3 weeks of raiding as trial status.


You can contact me via bnet, Devisaur#1300.


still looking!