3/9 M 413 IL Resto Druid LFG



I’m a resto druid that needs a new home. My current guild is great on many points, but we have too many healers and the policy of swapping raiders to give everyone a face time with the boss is not implemented. For this reason I’m looking for a guild that is fair and will give every raider some participation time in progression.

My availability is Mon - Thursday start time 9:30 or preferably 10 pm Eastern Time. 9 pm is possible but considering that I have to work late some days, I’d rather play it safe and say 9:30 or later.

I’ve been raiding since Vanilla and I’m always on time and prepared. I can take criticism and actually welcome it, especially since I’ve decided to play resto druid this expansion and can learn a lot from seasoned raiders.

I’m looking for a mature, semi-casual guild that treats the raiders fair and square. If you want to talk more, my game ID is Sudra#1528.

Thank you