2v2 Arena Aff or Destro?

I’ve started playing my lock alt and doing 2v2 arenas as Aff. Did all of Zereth mortis and got my 2nd lego.
I know the Aff set bonuses aren’t great and I’m seeing a lot of people saying Destro is way better once you get the 4 set bonus.

Is Destro really that much stronger in 2v2 arena as well? or more so for 3s. I know previously Aff was pretty good in 2s, but obviously Destro gained ground with the 4 set bonus.

Just looking for some guidance on viability and opinions on roughly where Aff stands vs Destro in 2v2

You can push well with both this season

Destro=Aff > Demo in 2s imo

Just in case you haven’t really gotten clarity on it much:

Destro is better than Affliction in PvP. Affliction has a lot of GCD starvation, with a very selective comp that you can’t actually deviate from much. Destro, on the other hand, has an easier time with kill windows, more comps to play with, easier to play, easier to handle kicks/lockouts with and just overall a better toolkit than Affliction.

Both can go to 2.4k, so yeah both can play very well. Affliction, in 2s, has to have a healer and the way you play Affliction, in higher games, is living through dampening, so yeah…it’s not as fun and the games get quite tedious/boring and I don’t mean for lack of action I just mean they’re so long it becomes mind numbingly dull.

Affliction is, most assuredly, a spec for 3s or RBGs, not really a spec for 2s.

ok thanks all for inputs. I was still playing aff and enjoying it but considering swapping to destro.
With this patch though and the removal of demon armor, slight nerf to destro 4 piece as well as removal of interrupt mitigation on the trinket I feel like it’s fallen from power too much. I might just focus on playing some of my other classes. Feel a bit like lock is going to be too weak to melee now.

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After the demon armor removal I think demonology might actually be the go-to now. They got a +15% mortal strike buff to the felguard and a +10% hp buff that will make the demons that much bigger also.

can confirm. Im being 100-0ed through every defensive CD when i play vs Fury warrior


Demo is better than both now

Debatable. Aff is really strong

The higher you go into zug zug ratings the harder it gets to survive and ultimately your dps suffers from playing defensively and you end up dying. I would say def just dont play warlock. AFF Warlock is the only class ive really played much this xpac and at this point its unplayable.
Id rather unsub then have to constantly have to switch specs because of Blizzards BS. So OP i suggest just not playing lock right now, its just not worth it. You will have a hard time getting into games anyways because everyone knows were sh|t now so they dont want any locks


I meannnn, I wouldn’t call it really strong. Every spec can hit 2.4k so that’s not the issue. The issue is, very few comps to play with Aff locks, plus very much so a defensive playstyle unless you play against people who aren’t so good. And in comparison to many other specs, the amount of work Aff players have to put in to get the same result is probably around 100% more work/effort than nearly all other specs.

Play aff in 2s definitely the best spec other than queueing into hunters with craven

I would also recommend either playing with a hpriest or a hybrid

Game is noticeably less fun otherwise