2h Windwalking

So, I have been playing Windwalker monk for about 9 years now, constantly. I know we’re not the most played spec out there, but I really enjoy the class.

Early in development, I heard we were suppose to be getting 2h windwalkers again and I couldn’t have been more excited, and now that I am playing on PTR, I’ve noticed that that promise has not been met. 2h WW is just as exciting as 2h frost dk. Are these changes actually going to hit live, or am I stuck duel-wielding for another xpac? I’d like to see this get somewhere, we windwalkers need love too.


Same but opposite, I heard brewmasters could dual wield… but it’s not implemented on the PTR. I’m really looking forward to being the only tank with dual wield. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you try equipping a 2h weapon? i allows me to dps that way as a frost DK even though it doesn’t say they can.

For the Brewmaster, blackout kick isn’t usable (says it needs a 2h) and for WW it’s Fists of Fury

I preferred 2h windwalker. Rogues I can deal with dual wielding, but something about it just seems jarring to me. Perhaps a relic from back in the days where you geared to get just enough Hit for your abilities to hit, but you’re off hand auto attacks had a pretty good chance to miss. Might have been expertise? I don’t miss those secondaries at all.

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Yeah, went to the Peak of Serenity and grabbed a polearm. Didn’t let me use fist of fury.

On both beta and PTR, FoF is not usable still with a polearm while WW. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Also have noticed this … I was really looking forward To it and it’s kind of a let down. Basically my monk is exactly the same now. Thanks … no cool stuff stuff introduced / reintroduced. It’s just the same old same old and not even something like a staff on my back to make me feel cooler …

Heads up. 2-handed has returned properly it seems on beta. Will be testing for move breaking in the coming days but there’s promise finally.


Going to have to hop on And try this out. Very exciting :slight_smile:

DHs are currently the only tank with DW.