2H Weapon on Enh Shaman

I’m regurgitating a post I just saw on Reddit, though it aligns with my thoughts as well. The new 2H mace/totem you can earn through the Baine quest-line is absolutely beautiful and looks amazing on tauren and high-mountain tauren. The catch is that Enh, the most iconic shaman specialization (as far as using melee weapons goes), can’t functionally use it at all. They can’t even transmogrify it. I see this as a problem, and this is coming from someone who mains restoration (though I do play the other specializations a little as well). Blizzard, please do the fans a service and make 2H Maces and Axes available to enh shamans. We wanna swing that bad boy around and smash it into our enemy’s faces.


I fully agree, if frost dk got 2h back so can shamans.


signed agreed

It would be a little unfair for a Shaman to roll need on a 1h Axe and win but then next boss roll need on a 2H sword and also win when classes like Paladin can’t roll for half as many weapons.

This… Just this!!!

Outside of some lame RP… Why Blizz, why!!!

Shamans in original WoW where 2hd class. Dual wielding didn’t come till TBC. What is a shame is that shamans dont really have the option to get some 2hd weapons and actually use them without looking stupid.

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Nope! They are balanced around having 2 diff weapons and buffing said weapons.

That version of shaman was a failed horrible version that needs to be forgotten. They were garbage levels of bad, the attempt at off-tanking and how it was a miserable experience, etc.

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Frost DK never lost 2h.

But yeah, Shammies should def be able to mog it. Especially given the spec was originally a 2h spec.

Would also be nice if the thing wasn’t just main hand, so that Fury could mog smacking with two of them.

Both of these issues seem like silly “duh” oversights.

I agree. But was fun when windfury proc’s with a 2 hander and it zero’d out another player… hehe

Outside of those rare moments, it was indeed hot garbage.

That too, it was broken and no class should be that broken. Windfury procs with 2h is not something that can be balanced unless 2nd hit damage was reduced by 50% or 75%.

Just roll a warrior :sunglasses:

be an ele shaman or a resto shaman and use an intellect staff, then u can transmog it

They did during legion, artifact was two 1h weapons.

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Dangit, now I have to go re-watch the old Unbreakable PvP vids for the 1253rd time XD

Half the fun is actually seeing your character smack someone in the face with it repeatedly.

Pole-arms for rogues! Break it down EverQuest style with 2h Piercing!

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Tank Shaman has equal or more legitimacy than 2hand enh, lol.

Totally agree. I think they could make it work with the new talent trees. Enhancement could see a revamp where one side of the tree was spec’d into dual-wielding and the other side of the tree was spec’d for 2-handers.

Lava Lash and the associated Fire spells could be moved to the DW side, and then they could bring back a revamped Rockbiter to work for 2-handers.

you do know that resto shamans and ele shamans both are able to attack with their melee weapons, right?

Why not make it possible to transmog the two-handed weapon into a one-handed weapon, but only for that particular item? This would allow enhancement shamans to finally use the weapon transmog that we have been waiting for, without breaking the game’s mechanics or creating bidding drama.

I dont.

But I dont want the spec to have to be redesigned and suck.

They’d have to do a complete overhaul. And each side would lose like 1/2 of their abilities.