2H Fury Warriors In Raids Are So Powerful

First time going 2H fury, I’m usually top 3 dps. The windfury synergy is just ridiculous.

441 DPS On Luci in MC - still wearing non prebis and green boots :open_mouth:

Would be interested in a piece by piece breakdown of your gear during this video?


Eye of Rend - Helm
Mark of Fordring - Neck
Big Bad Pauldrons - Shoulder
Royal Decorated Armor - Chest
Bracers from Rend (forget name)
Devilsaur Gauntlets
Devilsaur Leggings
Brigham girdle - Belt
Painweaver Band - Ring
Band of Flesh - Ring
Rune captain trinket
Blackhands Breadth Trinket

I’m far off from Pre Bis here, but still am able to contend with fully PreBis - Bis Rogues, and even some of our better geared warriors. The trick is using bloodthirst and whirlwind everytime the cooldown is available, keeping battleshout up and hamstringing when BT and WW are on CD. Hamstring will proc windfury, which on 2h is massive, and gives you a ton of rage to continue your cycle.

Also curious about your 2hander and cloak!

But it looks like you’re getting there, at least, even if you’re not quite there yet. A couple of pieces of pre raid bis here, but only a couple.

That DPS is quite impressive, nice job. I can’t wait to get up to 60 and start collecting all my gear.

Very unlikely an alliance warrior could do the same, I’d imagine. Windfury is such a neat ability.

Cloak is some random blue i can’t remember, and the weapon is The Blackrock Slicer!

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Curious to see if you are still using this spec. I recently spaced my alt warrior into 2h fury. The use of WW on cd is for the way it interacts with WF correct?