2H Frost or 1H Fury!


Actually, can we have the choices of how we played our classes back please in 9.0?

I miss the days of being a 2H Frost DK and using 1H’s on my Fury Warrior.

(Avangaline) #2

After saying that 2H and dual wield Frost was too hard to balance, they’ve hardly done a good job with Frost since being dual only. If Frost is going to be crap, I’d prefer a crap 2H.

I’d also like to see 1H’s on Fury, as ever since female Blood Elf weapons were made so ridiculously large, my choice of twin two hands is now tiny.


Blizzard hates player choices so probably not. You’ll play the way they want to you and you’ll like it.

But also adding in bring back Gladiator Stance.


i want 2H enhance and DW unholy.


2h ench sham first