2h conquest weapons

Can anyone explain how the availability of 2h conquest weapons works? I am Kyrian right now on my warrior and can only view the 2h mace at the conquest vendor. However, the ‘Appearances’ interface shows Sinful Gladiator’s Crusaderblade and Sinful Gladiator’s Cleaver. Are players restricted to choosing a 2h conquest weapon based on their covenant? This would suck considering the stats on the weapons are the same except the top end is highest on the axe and lowest on the mace.

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damn that sucks thanks for the reply tho

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damage is calculated by weap dps and not by top-end so ur fine

oh okay nice

I agree that’s really a stupid nuance. I want critical strike on my 2h weapon not mastery. … . thanks you communists

What stats does the Ven 2h have?

They’re all vers mastery

clearly dev in charge of vendors was 2h FDK main

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This question is specific towards Arms Warriors (Venythr) that are going crit builds.

Other than the possibility of not downing Sire Denathrius in a high enough difficulty, is there any particular reason why I’m not see any players using the covenant crit 2h weapon over the pvp weapon?

almost entirely cuz of access

getting a weapon at 226 or 233 ilvl from the raid means mythic bosses, which most pvp enthusiasts will not farm as easily as just getting to 2100 rating

i haven’t checked on the awc plugin whether people use it on TR

Thanks for the quick response. I figured the answer would be due to accessibility.

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