297 lock 293 Hpriest Shadow

Hello Everyone looking for a home … With very min toxicity I can raid from 7pm eastern till mindite 1am eastern monday-friday any time on weekends :slight_smile:

ScottyLock A52
Scottypriest Illidan

Btag scotty#12886

[H][US][Dalaran] Recruiting for Season 4 and Dragonflight! - T/Th (8-11 PM EST)

Hello Scotty!

I would love for you to join my team!

Progression: We were 3/11 M last season with 2 weeks of pulls – had a few dip from burn out :’(

Our History: We are reforming on Dalaran for a better server culture and are excited to have a Stranger Things themed guild!

What we offer:

  • Mythic +

  • Alt raiding, transmog runs, and other guild activities

  • Guild repairs

  • Potentially PvP nights in the future

Battle Group (Stormstrike): Andorhal · Anetheron · Archimonde · Black Dragonflight · Dalaran · Dalvengyr · Dentarg · Duskwood

What we want:

  • Attendance (90%+ ideally) (but – real life comes first, we get that!)

  • A willingness to work collaboratively and take feedback to improve

Current Needs (for Mythic Team): DPS: F DK, R DPS, and a Warrior

Current Wants (for Mythic Team): Open to Trial other DPS

For more information, add the following Battle Tag:

Recruiter: Malideon#1650 -Bnet (Malideon#6527 -Discord Preferred)

IngloriousBastardos is looking for people interested in doing Mythic + and raiding and PVP.

We are a cross fraction guild, so we have both alliance guild and horde guild. So you can play the race class you love and still be with your friends from both sides.

We like to keep things fun and relaxed regardless of what we are doing. We are friends and teammates first. We like to progress and grow but we are also family oriented, and know we all have a life outside of the game. We are an 18+ guild.
If you are Interested please message

Discord- Shamshieldz #4137
Bnet- DireRaven#1545628

hi there! We run a very close eye on toxicity in our guild family and have a zero tolerance for it. we raid on fri and sat and have an alt night on thursdays. if youd like to know more about our family here is the link to our forum page. and my discord is byndi#5161 [A][Stormrage]<Gnome Depót> Late Night Heroic AOTC Progression Team(and more!) Recruiting for DF!

Hey Scotty! I would love to be able to talk with you about . I’ll leave our post below. Feel free to reach out on discord Subst#5741

Hello! We are Volatile - alliance on Llane-Arygos. Looking for more ranged dps to add to our roster. Our raid times are Fri/Sat 10p-1a EST. Laid back guild, currently cleared all 3 Fated Raids on heroic. If interested to chat, please add us: vcronwen#1282 and mabelle#1433. Thanks!

Lets chat Scotty.

We kill mythic bosses each week. CE in Dragonflight. Most of our team are multiple CE players.

[H] < Redacted > Area 52 - Currently Seeking DPS

Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
7-10pm PST/ 8-11pm MST/ 9pm-12am CST / 10pm-1am EST

Redacted is a Cutting Edge focused guild with the goal of ranking 500~ US in the first tier of Dragonflight. Improving tier after tier.

Want to know what our raid environment is like? Check out the stream. https://twitch.tv/HawteyTV

What makes us different? 3 things.

  1. Values based approach. Performance AND Personality.
  2. Strong leadership. Proactive regarding issues.
  3. Mutual Respect / Genuine Relationship.

We raid 9 hours a week and play countless hours outside of that. We play other games but maintain a competitive focus in WoW. Our raid time we want to be enjoyable AND productive.

We also have a great raid leader:

| Raider Leader / Coach: Hawtey |
Main Tank / Multi-Classer
5x Cutting Edge and competed at top 50 US he brings a lot of top end wow raiding experience.

All info is in discord. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Hawtey#9337 Discord | Hawti#11644 BNET
Discord - discord.gg/zHCkAQ5aaa

Hey i added you in game would love a chance to chat with you

Hey Scotty! Thought I would shoot this over. Please let me know if you are interested!



You might be a good fit for our Alliance guild, Utsukushii Saisei, is a long standing tight knit group of players who banded together during late BC and early WotLK to form a raiding team. We value personal integrity and the ability to voice opinions amid the chaos of raid progression. While it is never our goal to achieve illustrious realm first titles, we raid with the intent to challenge ourselves and accomplish great feats as a team. Our community, while rowdy, is good to one another. We have met in person at Blizzcon multiple times and aim to do so following the lifting of pandemic restrictions in the future.

Raiding typically runs 3 hours on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM-11PM PST. Saturday and Sundays are optional alt raids and low rating RBGs.

Our guild has not used a formal loot system for four expansions. Those looking for a rigid structured loot council or point system are recommended to look elsewhere. Although this lack of a system creates the possibility of large gear disparities between raiders, individual generosity tends to balance things out when the dice fail to do so. An old raider once said, “Loot always drops again”, a very simple look at WoW in general. Our story lies in the adventures we share rather than in the items generated by the game.

We take great pride in the community that we’ve established. The memories of our journeys outweigh numeric achievements and we’re confident in our ability to provide an established environment for players of all backgrounds and goals.

If you’re still interested, contact:

GM: Kalcifur (Bnet: TKMori#1560 Discord: Katsuto1055#8769)
Officer: Friarbeta (Bnet: xerox445#1890 Discord: Drucidal#7589)
Discord Code: JhJDKGrtU7

Hi Scotty, please let me know if you’re interested in checking us out. Would love to chat! :slight_smile: