28 weeks and counting -- no weapon from Mythic+ cache

Sometimes RNG just makes life in this game difficult. I’ve made it through the whole of 8.3 running Mythic+ dungeons every week on this character and I’ve yet to have a weapon drop from the weekly cache. And on top of that, every single week a drop would have at least been an iLevel upgrade.

It’s become a running joke in our group. Given the expansion is almost over, I’m going to see if this trend continues until the end of BfA. But since it’s now passed the 6-month point, I figured I’d vent here.

Seriously, what are the odds (obviously in my case 1.0) of this happening? Shadowlands’ bad luck protection cannot come soon enough.

Is this common?

I mean its definitely possible. I got a weapon the first 4 weeks of 8.3, a 465 first week then 3 consecutive 475’s. I didnt get a weapon from cache in 8.2

Don’t worry dude, Shadowlands will give you more box options. They wouldn’t just give you 3 bracers to pick from after doing 15 keys every week for 4 months r-right?

Week 29 – Boots. So far the trend holds.

Looking forward to more garbage chest drops in SL while raiding people tell me again “be grateful you get anything”.

Sorry to hear that.

Blizz dropped the ball big time with gearing for BFA. Classes and gearing are the heart of MMORPG game play and blizz ignored both. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: