270 Boomkin LF Guild

[H][US][Hellscream/Zangarmarsh] Recruiting for Mythic Sunday 8-10/11 PM EST


I would love for you to join my team!

Dark Vindication is a Mythic progression guild that also has multiple Heroic teams on the servers US-Hellscream/Zangarmarsh.

Progression: 10/11H, 0/10M

Shared Realms: Eredar, Gorefiend, Spinebreaker, Wildhammer, Hellscream, Zangarmarsh

Our History: We have been around since 2014 and have typically been a casual guild. In Shadowlands, we have had more interest in Mythic content.

What we offer:

• Alt raiding, Mythic+ groups, Transmog runs, and PvP every Saturday

• Guild repairs, Guild competitions with rewards, and More!

• Mythic raid teams give spots on merit

What we want:

• Attendance (90%+ ideally) (but – real life comes first, we get that!)

• A willingness to work collaboratively and take feedback to improve

Current Needs: A Havok DH

Current Wants: Boomkin, Mage, and a Frost DK

For more information, add the following Battle Tag:

Recruiter: Malideon#1650 -Bnet (Malideon#6527 -Discord Preferred)

Hello friend! We’re a long established guild continuing to keep chugging through Dragonflight! We’d love to add another boomy to our team.

JETSKI [H] Illidan

Raid times:

  • Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm EST
  • Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm EST
  • Sun/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm EST ( OPTIONAL Heroic/Normal depending on who needs what)

Who we are:

Jetski is a guild composed of many MULTI CE leads/officers that wanted a more relaxed raid atmosphere. We were tired of the yelling/raging in discord the toxic environments, and assumption that you need to be “hardcore” and “demeaning” to prog. A lot of us have been playing together for years and strive to build a home/family of friends that DO want to get CE and mythic prog each tier, but in non hardcore manner while still having a little fun. Plenty of 3k IO players who push keys everyday and PVP’ers in the off time.

Where we are at:

*11/11H as a guild starting mythic tomorrow with a goal of CE for the tier!

We are also recruiting M+ and PVP players as we have a lot of players running outside of raid time!


Missionarry (officer)
Discord : Mission#1622
Btag : Missionarry#1841

Doomzz (officer) Discord : Doom#2420

Would love to chat!

Do you have a BTag I could get?

Hey man we are recruiting for our raid team and we are quite active outside raid as well if you want to chat I’ll Include my guild recruit thread info below

Working on Heroic SEP And pushing into Mythic After With ZERO Stress

Dungeon Crawl was formed in October of 2007, and has been a guild that has withstood through multiple expansions. Many of our members have been raiding together since Vanilla WoW and early Burning Crusade. We have recently come back after a long break focused on playing this game for fun. We don’t need another Job.

CURRENT: Our focus is to raid and do mythic+ and enjoy the game that has been such a big part of our lives for more than a decade. We are a bunch of Adults who have lives outside of a WoW that occasionally take precedent. We are not going to be hardcore by any stretch but we do take raiding seriously in the fact that we don’t want to waste time on raid nights since we only raid twice a week. That being said, we are a welcoming group of folks who enjoy slaying dragons together. We want to like you, and we want you to like us. If you’re a skilled player that works well in a group and is willing to give and take in equal amounts, Dungeon Crawl is interested in you.

We are looking for Range DPS and Enhance Shaman You can add me in game (Razalghoúl) (ALT 0250) BT Corrona2013#1234 or message me on here and hopefully we can get you into raid!

Raid Times

Days - Tuesday/Thursday Optional Saturday
Times -7-10 Server/ 8-11 EST

11/11 Normal SEP 8/11 Heroic SEP

Social Players also Welcome

Hey there, we’d also be interested to know if you would consider Alliance? If so we’d be happy to chat to see if we’re a good fit for you! I’ll leave our copy-paste below but I also sent you a btag request, hope to hear from you!

Chaotic Neutral is a long established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon that has been around since TBC! While we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.

We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday Heroic/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. We’re sitting at 11/11H & 1/11M with pulls on Skolex! All we ask of raiders is to research fights, your own class and be close/at 265+ish for Mythic.

I’ll leave all our additional info below but if you’re interested then please add my btag to get in contact, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] <Chaotic Neutral> - 8/8H & 2/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Btag: GingerHeals#11438

Looking for new players to fill out our raiding team. Currently we are 11/11N 7/11H pushing for AOTC
We are in need of the following.

R-DPS- Warlock/Shammy/Boomkin/Mage/Priest/Hunter

M-DPS- Warrior/Rogue/Shammy/Monk/Demon hunter/Death knight

Heals- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Tanks- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Any and all classes/specs are welcome!

We will be raiding tues/thur 8-11pm cst time with a 5-10min break around halfway through raid night

“Feel free to add any of the officers or join our wow community https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/R9kOyDnc3nO?region=US&faction=Alliance to chat or for more info LemLock#1686 Chetaria#11739 Ammunrae#1436”


Any interest in going alliance? We are currently 10/11H and 2/11M. We raid Fri/Sat 7-10pm PST and are looking for more members. If you are interested add me my btag is vcronwen#1282.

Hello, we just so happen to be looking for a balance Druid, please read below and let me know if you are interested in learning more.

[A] [Galakrond] 8/11H – Looking for a couple more DPS and a healer to join our raid teams

Aegis is an adult, LGBTQ+ friendly, Alliance guild on Galakrond-US. Don’t let “adult” fool you, we’re certainly not “grown-up” by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have jobs, families, and outside responsibilities, so our approach to gaming is understanding of those things. We like to kill bosses with our friends and have a good time laughing while we do it!

Aegis currently has two set roster heroic teams, a two-night T/Th 7-10 central and a one-night Sunday at 6p central - both have consistently achieved AOTC over the past several years, both currently recruiting. We also run an open invite normal run on Saturday evenings that serves as a launching pad for new raiders, more casual players and alt experimentation. (And beverages and laughs.) We recruit players, not classes, as a rule, and strongly believe our members will have the most fun if they are playing a class that is the most fun for them. Joining the guild is not a guarantee of an immediate heroic raid spot, as the set rosters are up to the individual raid leaders, but I’m happy to put you in touch with those leaders if you want to talk that over first!

Our primary goal has always been to create a home for our members where our relationships with other players are celebrated AND our various adventuring itches are scratched, so while the guild organized activities tend to skew toward raiding and PvE content, our members enjoy a wide variety of activities, from achievements and collections to PvP and gold making. We encourage any member to start a group for the content that they enjoy and are happy to support that if we can!

If you are interested, you can let me know here or you can reach out to me (or any officer) in game. I am always on a character that starts with “Thorn” (this one being my main), or you can ask any member of the guild for me.

You could also reach me through the following…

BattleTag: Thorn#1109. Or Discord: Thorn#2184

If you are looking for a home and like to game with good people… Aegis could be the guild for you.

Hi Krogal!
Created in 2008, Fätal Errör- Bleeding Hollow is a family-oriented guild. We are currently looking for like minded raiders who are looking to progress, but care more about having fun and enjoying friends. We raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm EST and have an alt raid on Fridays. We are currently 11/11N and 8/11H. We would love to get AOTC and enough people to eventually dabble into mythic. While we are promoting a friendly and fun atmosphere, we expect raiders to show up to raid prepared and ready to progress. When not raiding, people are consistently running mythic+, pvping, and hanging out in discord. We are a very social and active guild. We would love a DH, Mage, and Enh Shaman, but we will take anybody who is a good fit.
Feel free to whisper Jumpernickel or Gahena in game or btag Chastely#1336 or Kayla#1755 and we can shoot you an invite to our discord as well.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Krogal! For your consideration [H] Coomer Illidan is recruiting for our Team 2 raid group :). Looking to fill out our mythic raid roster.

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST (optional raid night on Sundays)

About Us: We are semi-hardcore raiders with a chill environment. Solid core group of raiders with a Cutting Edge focus and having fun doing it. We are currently in the process of creating a second raid roster that raids simultaneously as our first roster with the hopes of being able to swap players as needed while both teams progress into Mythic.

Current Progression: Team 1 - 5/11 M 11/11 H 11/11 N Team 2 - 10/11H 10/11N

Recruitment Priority: Tank, ranged DPS. warr, priest, Hunters.

Requirements: Punctuality and always striving to improve. Ideally a history of some raiding, whether it be AOTC or Mythic.

Recruitment Contact: Discord- FyVccDzSdH || FrankyJ#11434 - Bnet

Preferably join the Discord and follow the recruitment channel to apply as it is the quickest and most organized method for us. However I will also be accepting bnet requests if that is more comfortable for you.


You might be a good fit for our Alliance guild, Utsukushii Saisei, 2/11M 10/11H SotFO, is a long standing tight knit group of players who banded together during late BC and early WotLK to form a raiding team. We value personal integrity and the ability to voice opinions amid the chaos of raid progression. While it is never our goal to achieve illustrious realm first titles, we raid with the intent to challenge ourselves and accomplish great feats as a team. Our community, while rowdy, is good to one another. We have met in person at Blizzcon multiple times and aim to do so following the lifting of pandemic restrictions in the future.

Raiding typically runs 3 hours on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM PST. Saturday and Sundays are optional alt raids and low rating RBGs.

Our guild has not used a formal loot system for four expansions. Those looking for a rigid structured loot council or point system are recommended to look elsewhere. Although this lack of a system creates the possibility of large gear disparities between raiders, individual generosity tends to balance things out when the dice fail to do so. An old raider once said, “Loot always drops again”, a very simple look at WoW in general. Our story lies in the adventures we share rather than in the items generated by the game.

We take great pride in the community that we’ve established. The memories of our journeys outweigh numeric achievements and we’re confident in our ability to provide an established environment for players of all backgrounds and goals.

If you’re still interested, contact:

GM: Kalcifur (Bnet: TKMori#1560 Discord: Katsuto1055#8769)
Officer: Friarbeta (Bnet: xerox445#1890 Discord: Drucidal#7589)
Discord Code: JhJDKGrtU7

Hi Krogal,

Its Bloodlust Not Hero, H Thrall, is recruiting dps for our Fri/Sat night, 8-11 pm EST raid team. The guild has been around for about 8 years, with some of us having raided together since Wrath. We are a 21+ adult guild with an often bawdy sense of humor. We are very LGBTQ friendly.

We are 7/11H SFO and achieve AoTC for every tier. We may fool around with some mythic bosses but mythic progression is not our main goal. We have families and work schedules and raid to relax and have fun. On off nights we run m+ and prefer to do that with guild groups. Nearly all of our raiders have KSM. We are also willing to help gear up guildies who may either be changing their main, or are simply behind and want to gear up for raiding.

If this sounds like a group that would mesh with your preferences, add me, Tails#1421 and we can chat


We raid only one day a week , thursday 9:30 to 00:30 (forming at 9:00 ) we are currently progging on heroic and with aspirations of going mythic.

The team started as a pug but we got along well so most of our people moved in!! you are not required to transfer realms and youre welcome to check us out.

our official recruiting post is HERE in the blizzard forums.

Looking for new players to fill out our raiding team. Currently we are 11/11N 7/11H pushing for AOTC
We are in need of the following.

R-DPS- Warlock/Shammy/Boomkin/Mage/Priest/Hunter

M-DPS- Warrior/Rogue/Shammy/Monk/Demon hunter/Death knight

Heals- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Tanks- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Any and all classes/specs are welcome!

We will be raiding tues/thur 8-11pm cst time with a 5-10min break around halfway through raid night

“Feel free to add any of the officers or join our wow community https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/R9kOyDnc3nO?region=US&faction=Alliance to chat or for more info LemLock#1686 Chetaria#11739 Ammunrae#1436”

Looking to build an AOTC focused core…tired of mythic raiding requirements…

Hello! If you are interested in going Alliance, Ascendance (2/11M, Sargeras) is looking for one more DPS. We raid T & Th 8-11p PST (10p-1a CST/Server).

If you’d like to chat further, my Bnet: Cailyth#1999

Cheers ~

Hello Krogal!

If you are open to coming to Thrall, you may be a good match for our guild Endless Pastabilities.

Endless Pastabilities was created to bring back that sense of guild community, building friendships that last beyond wow, and working together to accomplish the things WoW has to offer!

Our raid nights are Fri/Sat 9:30pm - Midnight server time/EST. We are currently 10/11 N & 4/11 H SOFO. Always room for DPS and bonus points if you are able to flex to other roles if ever needed.

We are very inclusive guild, and our GM currently has set aside Sunday early afternoon (server time/EST), to help guildies run M+, so they get something nice in their weekly vault.

We are some how surviving the lull in WoW, and managing to raid without pugging, and have some folks running M+ almost every day. Now, we’re not as jumping as we were a couple months back, but we are actively recruiting and there are folks on every evening and a few regulars during the day as well.

Personally, I am generally on almost everyday running at least a handful of keys with guildies, and friends we have made with 2 other guilds.

Feel free and hit me up if you have any questions, or if you find yourself on Thrall… just do a search for “Pasta” in the in-game guild finder, and we should pop right up/

Have a good day/evening!

DeJaneiro#1166 (B-Net)
Jandek #3346 (Discord)

Guild & Server: [Discipline] [Alliance]: (US) - Aegwynn

11/11 H SFO
5/10 M SOD
10/10 H CN

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesdays 7:30PM - 10:30PM CST
Wednesday 7:30PM - 10:30PM CST

We are beginning Mythic Progression next week and we’re looking for fun and engaging raiders to join our shenanigans.
We are a truly unique group of individuals who all live very busy real lives. We’re a fun and engaging community with players across all time zones. There are always active players online. We are try-hards but not hard-core. At our core we push top end content but have players of all aspects of the game (Mythic+, PvP, Mount Hunter, Tmogers, Nomadic horde arriving fresh from O-grim-oar). We like to keep a note of fun in what we do. Progress is great but doing it without some laughs sucks.

We are LGBTQ friendly, toxic behavior and drama are not tolerated.

Raider Requirements: Reliable,High Learning Curve,desire to play the game.

Immediate openings available for Boomy with Resto flex, SPriest with Holy flex, Flex pally.
Any exceptional DPS and Healers.

Join the fastest progressing Alliance guild!
Recruitment Contacts: Shimmers#9567(Discord), Thorr#8990 (Discord) or Giauzer#8101(discord)/Giau#11835(btag)

if interested in changing factions to alliance