2.6k CR Warr/DK LF MW for Glad games/2700 push

Looking for BTAGs to push Glad this season. Willing to play anything. Powerful#11662 if interested. Please have XP

Still looking for games :smiley:

Still lookin for tags :slight_smile:

I know warrior sucks guys but I need to get gladiator every season !

TIL warriors suck. When WLP is strong af.


Is it really that strong if I’ve literally played against it 1 time this season? I don’t believe so.

Also locks don’t want to play with a warrior because they get trained all game and it’s not a fun time. Source: Magnusz last night/this morning.

Me looking to game :slight_smile:

LF Lock/HPal for Glad Push. Add me :slight_smile:

Quite an exaggeration but it is our strongest comp this season.

Not even close to an exaggeration…

Still loooking for team to queue to glad with. Only missing a few sockets and waiting for Vers III vendor agane.

lol who wants to queue with a WARRIOR

looking for a moistweaver?

IKR, thats why it’s been 18 days and havent found anybody KEKW

Probably looking to play DH/Warr/Rsham

I guess I should have mentioned that

no problem lmk if u want to get moist anyway

Add me peeps

Me LF games still