2.5.3 PTR Raid Testing Closed

We’re shutting down the raids on the 2.5.3 PTR. Thank you very much to everyone who tested with us!

The 2.5.3 PTR will remain up and available for non-raid testing for the next few days.

what time are you shutting off the raid testing?


Please answer this question :smiley:

Uhh hopefully you mean it’s coming down tomorrow. Would be kinda messed up to bring it down with less than a day’s notice, me and my raiders scheduled testing for today. In your post last week you said you’d give us an update when you guys planned to bring it down


What time are you stopping raid testing?

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already stopped

Cant have testing without people gaining advantages so its not really anything to be upset over. The reality is everyone of you can get your guild members onto a private server and test the raids there as well. This is what most of the elite raiding guilds do anyway and why they clear x/x within hours of it going live. PTR is to test bugs and correct them if they are found. This doesnt take more than 2-3 raid teams and 3-5 days in all reality

The fact that you would close the PTR after bringing it down for the entire holiday period… with the connection issues and disconnects the PTR has had… is an absolute joke. TBC has been such a disappointment.


Well this aged well… thanks for the update on the instant closure time rofl


Check the notes, they were specifically testing server changes when they brought the PTR up for the second time. Obvioiusly everyone was struggling with connection issues and they stated that it would take too long for them to solve the issue so they closed PTR early since it was pointless to keep it up while the servers weren’t stable.

People seem to think PTR is there for us to practice fights. It’s not. It’s up for blizzard to test the raid encounters and make sure everything is working how they intend. Once they receive enough information that they feel confident everything is in order or that they can fix whatever issues may arise, there’s no reason for them to keep the Raids open.

The game would get REALLY stale, REALLY fast if they left the raids up on PTR for a long time.

Some advance notice would be nice, we had our guild scheduled to raid on PTR tonight and were looking forward to it for days…


It is a test server, they are allowed to do what they want with it. Obviously Blizzard don’t want everyone to jump on it now and complete the raids and finish the content quickly now that the release date has been announced.

Well if recent history told us of anything is that the classic team do things at their own pace without giving us any kind of timetable.

I feel like they don’t know what they are doing and have some amateur managing the project or maybe they just don’t respect our time and just don’t bother to communicate with us what is going on.


It’s fine that they shut it down, it just would have been nicer to have advance notice so that we wouldn’t have 25 players setting up their UI and keybinds on PTR, setting up their character with all their gear and consumes, people canceling their Thursday night plans, etc.

That’s several hours of wasted work PER PERSON, for a team of 25 people, for just one single guild that was planning a Thursday PTR raid.

And we are a brand new guild, competitive minded but only a few weeks old, all working very hard to catch up to other guilds in character power and in preparation for the next phase.

Canceling the PTR raids at this time doesn’t hurt those established guilds that already did their practice, it just widens the gap between them and those of us who are newer on the scene. Particularly because we have some undergeared people, the practice would have been very helpful for us because we will have to be extra sharp to succeed.

But even still, if they don’t want it used for practice, they could let us know more in advance when they are disabling that, BEFORE we invest multiple hours each per 25 raiders to be prepared for it. That’s a lot of time away from our families and other meaningful pursuits in life that could be easily avoided with the small courtesy of a heads up.

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It’s really just very rude, wasteful, and thoughtless. Advance notice requires only a minimum amount of courtesy from you guys and it would have saved our 1 guild dozens of hours combined that we could have allocated in WoW or in other areas of our lives.

Please forward this feedback to the team, thank you.

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While I agree with what you guys are saying, it really isn’t any surprise at this point. Blizzard is doing exactly what their reputation precedes of them. The ARE a company that behaves this way and it’s just how it is now. This type of communication will be the same for Sunwell and again for Wrath.

This is literally just who they are now.


If they leave the bugged server online, it would slow down the development cycle. Let the developers do the work please.

Imagine working on an Excel sheet, if you find an error you want to correct and save the edited version ASAP. There is no point in announcing “I know this is wrong, and I will fix this spreadsheet in 24 hours. Now you use the bugged version”. That means the new and improved version has to wait 24 hours before being tested.