250 ilvl 03/10m Boomkin looking for mythic guild

I am leaving my current guild in search of finding a prog guild. I am an experienced raider whose looking for something a little more hardcore than where I came from. I also run keys all the time and love to focus on pushing keys. you can message me on bnet Tobewayne#1829 or on discord Tobewayne#3357

Hi Tobewayne
If you are open to Alliance guilds check us out below and if interested give me a poke! We have been raiding since Wrath and are looking for people who understand the effort it takes for Mythic raiding and enjoy the satisfaction and downing bosses together.
Goodluck in your home search!


We’re looking for more DPS to progress further into Mythics.

Add BNET JrSlacker#11372 / Crian#11764
or Discord JrSlacker#1624 / VATO#1893

Let’s chat!

Hey Tobewayne,

We are an Alliance mythic raiding guild on Sargeras. We are currently 10/10H and 5/10M raiding on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10PMCST. We finished last tier 9/10M and are pushing this tier for CE.

We are in need of a Boomkin to join our core raiding team. Let me know if you are interested you can find me on discord at cabosetv#0275 or bnet at cabose#1677

Hey - we’re in need of a Boomkin for an immediate roster spot on our team. We might be the “little bit more hardcore” that you’re looking for. Hoping to push CE this tier in our newly formed guild - already 5/10M and expect to be 7/10 by the end of our first week.

Take a peak at us.

[Area-52, Horde] [1/10M] [10/10H] Is a newish semi-hardcore raiding guild with a mission to achieve [Cutting Edge]. Self improvement and self accountability is a must, while pushing to clear content in a timely manner. We have a very active Discord, and leadership with Cutting Edge experience.

We have immediate core spots open to push current content. All exceptional players are encouraged to apply even if your role is not listed. Spots are competitive and effort will be rewarded.

Our short term goal is to achieve Cutting Edge and then push to ultimately becoming a top US 200 guild. All of our leader ship sports cutting edge experience. Our raid lead is 10/10 Mythic SoD (current tier).

Currently Looking for:
Flex Tanks
Flex Healers

Raid days are Tuesday/Thursday. 7:45PM-11PM EST

What we expect from you:

If given a raid spot. Be committed to your role in raid.
Be reliable, show up to raid on time and notify leadership (at least 6 hours ahead of time) if you can’t make it! 95% attendance is key.
Be prepared, show up to raid with: consumables, gems, along with gear that is fully gemmed and enchanted.
Respect everyone’s time and effort (this is basically a teamwork building game)!
Be adept and know how to play your character (using all of your spells and attacks correctly and efficiently).
-Knowledge of all the boss fights in the current tier.

Apply through Discord
Discord Invite Code: [8nhMUVk3FD]