2.4K IO Outlaw Rogue LF regular M+ Group

As the title says, Outlaw Rogue, 406 ilvl 8/8N 8/8H, 2.4K IO, have been completing +18 to +20 keys most recently with friends or pugs and would like to push even higher. I’m looking for a regular group to run keys with. I like to think I know the dungeons pretty well including what abilities to kick/stun to prevent group damage and do my part as DPS. I’m usually available most weeknights from 7PM-11PM Pacific Time with the exception of Wednesdays since that night is reserved for raiding. If you have a spot in your group or are also just solo looking to build a solid group, let me know! I also have a 398 ilvl Prot Warrior, and possibly my 3rd alt a Holy Paladin but only 385 ilvl that I could possibly swap to. However, my rogue is my main and of primary interest.

Feel free to post here or reach out directly on BNet Dukibritches#1999