245 Warlock LF 2-3 hour a night guild

Hi friends. Searching for a 2 day, 2-3 hour a night guild.

  • AOTC/Light Mythic. Not interested in CE, I have a life outside of WoW(hard to believe I know)
  • Have KSM this season
  • Wanting to play Warlock
  • Have played since late TBC.
  • Played Warlock since 5.2.
  • Duelist in PvP
  • AOTC/Past mythic EXP.
  • Helpful, knowledgeable, willing to listen to help/tips/etc.
  • Faction/server change is fine, provided the guild does not change after said transfer/agreement.
  • Wanting more of a family, not just a raid log team. If you only play 2 hours a week, don’t waste my time please.
  • Add me @ FrostyMel#1534 for BattleNet, MelBel#1740 for discord.
  • IO/Logs available upon request.
  • Can not go past 11pm CST
    Happy trails! <3

While some of us raid log, there’s usually chatter on discord, I often see people on off nights hanging out in discord and doing activities on off nights.

So we might be a match. You can hang with us in discord and come to raids and do things before spending money.

Pyreanor is a smallish midcore guild on Wyrmrest Accord looking to increase our population for raiding in Shadowlands so we can start doing mythic raids.

We are AotC in SoD and in CN.

We’re a low key, chill, inclusive adult guild with an LGBT+ presence. Our favorite number is 420. We’re a no-screaming/raging (at other players) environment.

If you’re willing to learn to play your class, learn the mechanics, get out of the bad, follow the directions, and tolerate our slightly-inebriated banter, you can play with us, we’ll help you catch up as best we can.

Our raid times are Tues Thurs at 6pm Pacific. (7 mountain, 8 central, 9 eastern.) We run about three hours each day.

We hope you will consider joining our crew of misfits in our journey to killing bosses and looting epics.

Please let me know if you are interested via btag or Discord.

Zandrae#1418 / D: Zandrae#1418

Meow Meow Kitties on Area 52 is recruiting for 9.2. The plan is AOTC and then a mythic push. (Players interested in AOTC only are welcome!)

Raid nights are Wed/Thurs from 7:15-10:00p est. We recently transferred to Horde and are currently 10/10 H. We were 4/10 M on Alliance but had roster issues due to several players quitting due to irl situations. We run a heroic raid each week to gear alts and trial new people.

We want to push mythic content with a short schedule because we enjoy things outside of raiding or have responsibilities that don’t allow us to make a longer commitment. We want a guild community where members are comfortable enjoying things outside of a raid together such as mythic+, pvp or even other games without feeling the need to find a pick up group. Most of our guildies are social and hang out in discord and/or participate in guild chat so it never feels lonely especially in the evenings and on the weekends.

Our current needs are dps (any class) and a healer. We have several players that can perform on multiple classes so we are flexible as of now. Dps with healing or tank off-specs are a plus!

If you would like to give us a try, contact me at
Bnet: Nat#11668
or Discord: Nat#2906

Dusk to Dawn @ Mal’Ganis is a long standing guild that is looking for new blood to fill out our roster. We have a skilled roster but the roster boss is what is slowing us down, due to the state of the game. We have a laid back raid atmosphere but know when to turn on the “focus” button when needed.

We are willing to gear out people just coming back to the game that can show logs from other raids that look promising. As a guild we run alot of Mythic plus and alt Heroic SOD runs. Very alt friendly guild. We mostly play late night due to life. Very friendly guild with the average age of around 28.
We need any exceptional ranged DPS, also an Enh Shammy. We are open to bringing on Tanks and Healers if 1 of our main raiders was willing to swap positions for you. Also if we feel that you are good enough to fill up that role in their spot.

Like the title says we raid for 2 hours tues, wed, and thurs @ 12pm to 2am EST.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk more about possibly joining us you can contact me in game at ImIntheWorld#1201 or through Discord @ Devil#9780

Hi Melinie, we might be a good fit based on what you’re looking for from a guild.

Abomination - Area 52 is a casual guild. We started as a reroll guild, but are now moving to the next stage. Everyone at any level any class is welcome to join us!

Our raid days are Thursday and Friday 7:30 pm EST - 10:30 pm EST. There is still some space on our raid roster for DPS. Full on tanks and healers. Our current progress is 10/10N 10/10H. Our goal is to hit heroic at a reasonable pace, achieve AOTC every tier, and possibly more. Repairs, flasks, feasts, etc, will all be provided for each raid when appropriate.

Raid Recruitment Needs:
Ranged DPS

If you are not interested in raiding we have people running keys every day.

So if you are interested in joining us, having some fun, and making new friends, or have some questions feel free to join us in discord: discord.gg/abomination

Hi Melinle,

Any interest in going alliance? I know factions will soon go but 9.2.5 is still a bit off. We raid Fri/Sat 7-10pm PST. Currently 6/10M and we are looking for more members. Let me know if you are interested! My btag is vcronwen#1282

Ohai Melinle, depending on raid time needs, we are about where you like to live in game. Hope to chat, take care!

Hey Melinle! Hope you’re doing well : ) I’m recruiting for The Aristocats on Alliance Stormrage. We’re a new guild of previous CE/mythic raiders and people newer to raiding who are aiming to make a heroic/Aotc guild that dabbles in mythic without getting too burnt out. We’ve done the heavy grind before and now are just looking to make a fun community that people can hang out in, play the game, and have a good time. We’re not raiding till 9.2, however, we are quite active doing M+ (low keys, KSM keys, and higher keys!), just hanging out, and doing things like jackbox/phasmophobia/other party games in the meantime. If you’d like to find out more about us, please check our our guild page at https://guildsofwow.com/the-aristocats We raid Tues/Thursday 8-11 EST.

I added you on discord, lets chat on sometime! rahat#2723

hit me up at Ragnrok6263#3435 think we may have what you looking for
check us out here https://qpqguild.online/

Meow Meow Kitties on Area 52 is recruiting for 9.2. The plan is AOTC and then a mythic push.

Raid nights are Wed/Thurs from 7:15-10:00p est. We recently transferred to Horde and are currently 10/10 H. We were 4/10 M on Alliance but had roster issues due to several players quitting due to irl situations. We run a heroic raid each week to gear alts and trial new people.

Most of the raid team plays every evening and on weekends pushing keys, pvp, and working on achievs.

Our current needs are dps (any class) and a healer for raid and a mythic + tank for pushing keys. We have several players that can perform on multiple classes so we are flexible as of now.

If you would like to give us a try, contact me at
Bnet: Nat#11668
or Discord: Nat#2906

Faction: Horde
Realm: Hyjal
Raid Times: Wed/Thur 7:00 - 10:00pm PT

Hello ! I am the GM / Raid Lead for Damage Theory, a two day mythic progression guild located on Hyjal (Horde).

If you are interested in learning more about us and want to be a part of a guild with a proven history and a future of pushing CE on a short schedule feel free to stop by our forum post and use the following contact method below so that we can schedule a time to talk over discord to see if our guild is the right fit for you.

Discord: MOARCOOKIEZ#3023

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Hi! I’m the guild leader for The Wolfpack. We’re Horde on Zul’jin. We are a raiding guild that is only raiding Heroic (no plans to move to Mythic raiding at the moment - we decided that time to enjoy our lives outside of game was more important) that also enjoys running M+. Most of us have Keystone Master and we always hit AOTC for raids.

We need a ranged DPS to round out our raid team and join us for M+. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern. Yes, you read that right. We raid for 3.5 hours a week and still have competitive progression while still being pretty casual and fun.

The best way to get more info and be in touch is to apply (it’s not a scary app - we are a closely knit group that wants to make sure we invite people that will be happy with us, and us with them):

Recruit Spam Here:

Are you a former hardcore or skilled casual raider but you’ve now got school / a demanding job / spouse-aggro / or kids … And you just can’t devote a lot of time to raiding three nights+ a week but you really miss the progression and camaraderie?

The Wolfpack is currently seeking raiders to join our Normal/Heroic Raid team! We are a Raiding Guild with a Casual Schedule in an established guild of all adults (21+). We have a VERY LIGHT raiding schedule and a long history of good raid progress. We raid two nights for a max of four hours of raiding a week.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday from 9:15PM - 11PM EST

Recruiting: We are looking for DPS (and open to heals or tanks) for our raid team.

Important Note:
We are NOT actively pursuing Mythic Raiding at this time. This decision may be reversed in the future but it is currently not a priority. We are also only recruiting for one team: our core raiding team . We are not interested in creating other raid teams due to life commitments - thank you for your understanding.

About Us:
The Wolfpack, established in 2008 and under the same leadership, is an all adult (21+) raiding guild. We understand that some people have busy lives, and we want to provide a fun environment for people who may not have the time for a grinding raid schedule. We are based on Zul’jin, Horde side.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding drama, elitism, cliques and loot hogs.

We have husbands, wives, careers, military service, families, grad school, etc. so we balance our gaming experience with real life and provide a fun place to be in your valuable free time.

What to Expect from Us:
We take pride in providing a diverse and inclusive community for people who have busy lives and may not be able to log in every single night. We are relaxed, easy-going, and friendly, though we have a pretty wicked sense of humor, so if you’re overly sensitive, we are probably not the guild for you.


*Applicants must be 21+

  • We use Discord, so should you
  • Guild Commitment: We are a family/community and by joining us you want to be a part of that experience by participating and showing up
  • Some prior raiding experience, a willingness to play to the best of your ability, take constructive feedback, and desire to be a part of a team.

How Do I Join?:

#1) Yes, you have to be on Zul’jin to join (and raid with us).

#2) Please complete our Guild Application at www.wolfpackguild.com

It’s very easy, it’s non-intrusive, and yes, everyone fills out an application. It’s not scary or difficult, we want to know who you are, and we want to know that you’ll fit in well with our group. We want to provide the best possible Guild environment for everyone.

Are we accepting social/casual players?:
Yes, we are also opening our doors to social/casual players - even if you aren’t interested or ready to Raid.

We run M+ and like to get achievements, transmog, mounts, and have always hit AOTC. (and pet battles… we really do like pet battles)

Hope to hear from you!