245 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Progression Guild

I am currently a Holy Paladin LF a guild to push mythic progression, from 10pm cst . I am a very active and dedicated player. You can check out my current logs and raiderio

Current exp 9/10H 1/10M - 2328 raiderio.

Willing to server transfer, my main language is spanish but i have no trouble in speaking and understanding english.


Hey! I think you could be a great asset to our guild. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 8:30pm-11pm PST (10:30pm-1am CST). Please take a look at our forum post and get in touch with me over Discord if you’re interested: lonesoldier09#0009

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Hey! Sounds like we might be a good fit for you. We’re also 9/10H and 1/10M. Check out our information below!

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Welcome to After Nightfall! We are an adult late-night raiding guild on Tichondrius. Our focus is to clear cutting edge content while keeping to a two day raid schedule with a possible optional day for either farm content or that last little push for a final kill! We are an experienced group ranging from vanilla to the most current expansion.

While we want to achieve CE this tier… we recognize a healthy balance with real life and have started raiding late evening to accommodate. We want to build a roster of steady raiders with a deep bench so we continue to progress and again… maintain life balance. I would say the average age of our guild is upper 20s to low 30s; many with families.

Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30pm PST - 12:00am PST

We have a steady group and usually running 2 teams almost daily.

Holy Paladin
Tanks (FOR M+ ONLY)

• BE ON TIME!!! (Form up at 9:15pm, First pull at 9:30pm PST)
• Know the in’s and out’s of your class/spec
• Be familiar with each boss by watching videos on YouTube or reviewing strats
• Use Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs, Weakauras, Method/Exorsus Raid Tools and RC Loot Council addons
• Keep chatter to a minimum during boss encounters
• Run at least 4 M+ dungeons a week to be considered for Mythic roster
• All individuals will be required to perform their assigned role efficiently. It is possible that in the interest of remaining effective progression, some may be asked to sit out for certain bosses or content.
• Above all HAVE FUN!

Does this sound like your kinda group?
If this sounds like a good fit for you please check out our guild, logs, and apply. Please apply if interested.

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Not sure if you can swing earlier but…

Have you ever considered 1 night raiding?

Team: Free Repairs
Guild: Envelop
Server: US - Illidan
Faction: Horde

7 - 11p CT (Illidan Time)

We are currently 10/10 H and 3/10 M as of this post.

We are currently recruiting:

  • Holy Paladin or Disc Priest
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warrior DPS

We would also consider:

  • DH DPS
  • DK DPS
  • Druid (Balance)
  • Monk DPS
  • Rogue
  • Shaman (Elemental)

Players who will be successful on this team are prepared to raid for the full duration, they show up on time and prepared, and are knowledgeable about the game. This team is a mythic progression team and we will wipe on fights, sometimes a lot. Sour attitudes, elitists, or overly negative personas need not apply. Our team does not accept large group applications.

Sound like something you’d enjoy?
Get your nights back! Apply today!


Hi Krouh,

We’re a 16-year Horde guild with over a dozen Realm First CE kills under our belt. We’re currently 5/10M SoD on a Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11EST raiding schedule. We’re looking for a solid holy paladin to add to our roster and are very interested in speaking with you. Please feel free to reach out to one of our officers below:

Battle Tag - Tigrao#1816 Discord- Tigrao#9515
BattleTag - Bevee#1903 Discord - Bevee#3164
Battle Tag - Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Hello Kroüh! We are an Alliance guild and would love to chat with you about raiding with us! My info is below so feel free to friend me in Discord anytime! Shadow.

Nox Oriens (9/10H 1/10M SOD) is looking to add 2-3 DPS and a main tank or off-tank for our Mythic roster. We also run a Casual Raid Team that is recruiting for all positions and is currently pushing through Heroics.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 9pm to midnight server (central) for both teams.

Nox Oriens is an Alliance guild based on the Sargeras server and we are a progressive, friendly raid guild. We have been raiding as a guild since 2007 and we are currently running two raid groups:

Tempest (Mythic Roster)

Ascendance (Casual Progression)

We maintain a friendly raid and guild atmosphere with ages in-guild ranging from 18 to grandparents and many of our raiders are parents. We have a liberal alt and friend invite policy for our raiders as well. We do some PVP and run M+ often.

We are always looking for great raiders but more importantly we are looking for excellent guild mates. If you believe you may be a fit for our culture and one of our raid teams, please contact:
BNET: Shadowjj#1695

Discord: Shadow#8257

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Kroüh, Homie Hoppers (7/10M, 10/10M CN Alliance-Stormrage) is currently looking for Healers for our mythic team. Our raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs from 9pm-12am Pacific. To apply, please fill out our brief application at https://forms.gle/SpHnJr7h4zgcX7cj9, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Discord (SwiftArcher#6652).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey there Krouh

If you are looking for a casual raid environment where you enjoy raid nights and have plenty to do on off nights you can come join us.

We are 5/10 M raiding two nights a week.
Tuesday’s and thursdays 9:15-12:15 EST.

Shoot me or my buddy a message on discord Ripabrewski#8526 or Kelsar#8406.

Would love to chat about the guild and more of how the guild can work out for you

Hello Krouh

[US][A] [Interstellar Overdrive] would be interested in having you potentially trialing to join our raiding team! We are semi-hardcore and achieved 6/10 M CN last tier. We recently cleared Heroic SOD and will be pushing into Mythic progression soon.

Interstellar Overdrive

  • Semi-Hardcore : 10/10 AOTC H SOD — 1/10 M SOD
  • Connected Servers : Draenor/Echo Isles
  • Raid Nights : Tuesday/Thursday (Saturday - Optional)
  • Raid Times : 9pm-12am EST

Feel free to give our guild recruitment page a quick lookover to see if we would be a good fit for you!

Contact me either on Battle Net or Discord!
Battle Net : Paracyte#11293
Discord : Eccosan#2489

Best of Luck!