243 Hunter (3Spec) LF Raiding Guild

I’m looking for a new guild to progress through the current raid tier with and possibly head into the next one with a confident guild, capable of doing relevant content at a reasonable pace, whilst maintaining a positive team-centric environment

I was a top 100 U.S raider in all of Cataclysm, have earned AOTC every tier since the end of WoD, with multiple Cutting Edge achieves and mythic experience. I am online 15 minutes early to raid times (aside from notified laid showings), and always come fully prepared on a personal level. I have experience as both a GM and an officer, however I am NOT interested at this time in any external management responsibilities.

I am quite flexible on times, and more than willing to adapt my schedule to any guild I think can make a good fit, and strives to continually improve.

At the moment I am hesitant to transfer realms/faction change but if I think there is potential for serious levels of progression I will. Although I used to mythic raid, shooting for Cutting Edge isn’t a top priority of mine at the moment, but I am more than willing to have my mind changed.

You can contact me at: Lamb#11705 (Bnet) or Lamb#7871 (Discord) or post right here and I will try my best to communicate.

Hi Lamb - you sound like a really good fit for us. We have several people who were just like you seem to be. Skilled, interested in the game, personally responsible, but tired of feeling like the only one in your boat that’s prepared to put in the work. Come see what we’re about and how we run our raids.

I’m with Almighty Push, an Alliance guild on Proudmoore, currently 7/10M. We formed about 2.5 months ago when a group of friends found theirselves all in the same situation around the same time. Three different guilds imploded and/or quit within 2 weeks, leaving a handful of friends from each guild who are still very focused on CE. We all came together and formed Almighty Push. We’re social, focused, still like WoW (even though we know it’s not perfect), and we post stupid funny stuff in discord - but most importantly we steady prog by coming prepared with knowledge of the fight, knowledge of our class, raid mats, and identifying mistakes after pull.

We don’t expect perfection - we expect improvement and personal responsibility. We don’t fuss at mistakes, we don’t fuss about loot - we act like adults, we use our time effectively. We’re 5 months into the raid - there’s not a lot of time left to waste. Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 pm CST. We typically run an H SOD on Saturday at 8 PM CST.

Outside of raid we run keys - many of us have our +20 portals, all of us have KSM on our mains. Some of us do RBGs. But mostly we just chill and chat in discord and help each other out with whatever needs doing.

Let me know if any of this sounds interesting. I’d be happy to talk with you some more.
Btag: Saberpro#1901; Vorfness#2788; Sensei#11921; Gracyn#11617
Discord: Saberpro#1256; Poosboi#3537; Sensei#1162; Gracyn#8603

Come be a part of the Almighty Push!

Hiya, if you do wind up considering a change to the wild side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: please check us out below as I love your attitude and I am partial to hunters :shushing_face:.
BiOL has been together and raiding a long time and crave the consistency there used to be in guilds.
Regardless, good luck in your search!