238 Mage Looking for Weekend Guild

Hello, i currently am the GM of my Guild and Raid lead of my guild but i have been doing 21st man raid leading and i am looking for a mythic guild on the weekend that i can do on my main as just a dps player since i have been saving my lockout to let others in as i do the 21st man raid leading.


Those are my logs i have not done a Non guild run of heroic yet so all those logs are with me Leading, or doing extra mechanics like on pain smith i do the bombs instead of having a hunter do them.

If anyone is interested in me just post on this forum or contact me at Seethrowwar#2665.

Update: Current guild is now 4/10M for anyone that cares

Able to do Weekends/Mornings (will do mornings on any day of the week)

Still looking

Highlords is recruiting on Illidan if you would like to take a look.

Bump it up

Also can do mornings

We aren’t specifically looking for a mage but I’d still be interested in chatting with you.

Hi Nimoo :wave:

If you are open to Alliance, BiOL is always looking for mechanic oriented people! Feel free to check us out and if interested we can chat! (My discord ID is Tariya#5813)
Good luck regardless and happy raiding!

Still looking