2350+ xp Arms Warrior LF Arena Team

Looking for an arena team. I have a 475 cut of death, 10x sockets, 45% vers (also multiple armor sets) and i have a positive attitude, willing to learn, open to different strategies, learning and criticism. I also communicate with relevant information while in voice. I’ve been playing WoW since December 2018 (13 days before BFA S2) and I’ve already eclipsed 2300+ cr in 2s and 2350+ cr in 3s. Im finding that Im sitting in LFG all day and constantly raising and dropping rating due to inconsistent teammates or people who wont pick me up cause I cant link glad yet (currently 2200cr). I spend much of my time queueing or watching rank 1 warriors. If you have sim/higher exp and you’re willing to give someone new a chance, add mash#11251


Wow. If I bring my rating up can I hit u up? I’m like 1800 atm. Been wanting to play with a decked out warrior all season.

Mash is a good warrior and enjoyable to play with who constantly seeks to improve, can recommend very much. Communicates extremely well and doesn’t have an ego


Dang. Imagine if I had a 475 COD of death? Pretty sure id get elite achievement. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thanks, Bramot. that means a lot bro. seriously

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Eh, Mash is better than you and whines less.


with or without inflation…


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: much easier with inflation. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Appreciate you Cov

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If you want to try KFC I’d be down to give it a go. I go from 2196 to 2050 in a day trolling LFG but definitely looking to push glad this season. Current elite in 2’s.

I have multiple healers on Tag already around 2.2 and all multiglads.


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:rage: :triumph:

yo lily when we qin

for sure :slight_smile:

I’ll add when I get home. 2600+ Xp 2270 cr. I’m pretty chill, just like playing with non ragers.

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I would add you, but after only having gotten rival S2, and duelist this season (haven’t played the other seasons) can’t imagine you’ll want to play with someone like me.

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I’m so sorry but I laughed so hard at this don’t be so hard on yourself there my bro chin up

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Hahaha, it is what it is. Doing my best to be better. Pugging isn’t going well. Need someone to be patient and willing to learn/teach with me

yo, not sure if i got it