234 R Druid seeking H/M SoD

Seeking a guild currently on Hardmode SoD and wanting to, or already in mythic. Ex top 100 guild back in the day. Currently 10/10N and 5/10H all through pugs. Any raid days, after 730pm central. Seeking AOTC minded guild and CE minded.

[H] Divine Esports - Tichondrius
Wednesday/Friday 9:30pm-12:30am CST

4/10H Looking for players that can perform and want to push for CE.

Looking for 1 Healer and Melee dps to round our roster and start pushing Mythic content asap!

Btag: Tyrue#1545
Discord: Tyrue#1556

Not going to bore you with some copy paste BS, we have a potential spot open for another healer, we’re a weekend guild with aims of CE, led by multi-tier CE players.

Those hours and days are actually perfect. Are you looking for heal/offspec dps?

Well Ideally we would be looking for a DPS with offspec Heal, but I can probably move some stuff around and make it work

So I used to dps back when I played. Just started wow again about 1.5 months ago for the sole purpose of healing but understand offspecs are sometimes needed when pushing high end. I’m an ex top 100 US guild and have previous high end raiding experience.

I’d be interested in talking more to you, feel free to add my bnet Blankies#11946

I will add you this evening when I get off of work. Would like to talk.