233 dk tank LF weekend guild

(Now 238) 9/10h Blood DK LF heroic/mythic guild that raids fri/sat/sun with ending times any time between 9am-11pm EST/EDT. I was 7/10m last tier with many pulls on Sludgefist as well as Generals as windwalker monk and fire mage. Had to slow down and eventually quit the game because of IRL commitments. Multiple past CE kills.

Current logs:

Logs from past tiers I played tank in:

I’m not interested in going alliance, please only inquire if you’re on horde.

Bnet is: Wafflegasm#1927

Hey Waffle, if you’re willing to play DPS instead of tank I would be interested in chatting with you. Our dates line up well and our end time is only an hour later.

Only wanting to tank or at least be tanking the vast majority of the time unless a boss calls for me to be dps. Thanks for the offer.

Still looking for a good home.