227 9/10M Resto Druid Seeking 9.1 LGBT friendly M Raid Guild


Seasoned Resto Druid here looking for an LGBT+ Friendly guild with eyes to eventually raid Deep into mythic 9.1. I have no beef with my 9.0 guild but they are rearranging their raid times and have encouraged us to look elsewhere (with their blessing) if the new times are not a fit for us. (For the record, the guild need not be LGBT exclusive, just an environment that is welcoming to it).

I play WoW competitively, be it Mythic Raiding, Keys, or PvP (I do PvP the most casually). But I’m also very much into joining a community that socializes as well and is fun to play with.

I cleared 9/10 CN This Expansion as Resto and my M+ Score was 1590.

Very open to swapping servers for a good fit. I am currently Horde, have never played alliance, but would consider a faction change for an exceptional fit.

If you see my covenant and notice it is an odd choice, I am simply grinding a 2nd covenant before patch hits. I plan to revert to Night Fae in time for 9.1 content

Hey, we’d love to chat with you! I’ll leave the guild spam below. Hit us up if it seems like a fit!

[Not Even Close] (US-Horde) of Hyjal is a tight knit, driven group of friends looking to find like-minded and equally as driven players to help bolster our roster. We raid on a strict 6 hour, 2 day schedule and want to find people who can help us reach new heights, but also fit into our friendly, positive atmosphere. The ideal player will be self-critical, driven, and mesh well with our existing players.

We’re a relatively new guild, but in our short time together, we’ve achieved great things already. These include getting AOTC on our first raid together, and finishing our first tier at an impressive 7/10 Mythic, considering we started 4 months into the tier. We are searching for some great players to help us achieve our goal of Cutting Edge every tier. We would love to speak with you if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

What we expect from you:

  • Be dedicated to self-improvement and constantly be looking at ways you can improve your own performance, as well as what you can do to help the guild as a whole reach our goals.
  • Be prepared for raid every night. We run on a tight schedule, so we expect you to be ready to go at raid time.|
  • Be consistent. Attendance is obviously important, but so is performance. Try to bring the best you that you have to offer every single night.
  • Be cool. This guild is a great place with great people. Any sort of hate, racism, or anything of the sort will not be tolerated. This is an all-inclusive environment, and raid morale plays a huge role in how a night can progress. Let’s make sure that we’re lifting each other up, not bringing each other down.

What you can expect from us:

We hold ourselves to the same standards as anyone in the guild, if not even higher. We want to make sure that your opinions are heard, and that we also maintain a high standard of play and performance. If you feel that anything can be improved upon, please whisper an officer and let us know.

Current Class Needs

Resto Druid / Disc Priest
Shadow Priest / Warlock
Any exceptional Healer & DPS is encouraged to apply!


Wednesday & Thursday 9:30pm EST - 12:30am EST

Of course, we’re willing to chat with any and all interested applicants, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if this feels like it could be home! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our recruitment officer by sending a friend request. Discord is preferred! He’ll do his best to respond quickly. Please prepare any applicable logs and/or achievements you may want to share and include them in your greeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Discord: Nysten#0002

Battle.net: Hyrul#1637

Hello! We would love to talk to you if you find our guild is a good fit with your schedule! We’re looking to fill a few spots to give us our best foot forward in the upcoming tier! I’ll leave our recruitment post here for you so you can decide if our raid times fit and we hope to hear from you soon!

[Objectively Perfect] - Area52

Raid Times: Tues/Wed 9pm-12am EST

10/10H 6/10M We are currently looking for healers and RDPS. We are a close knit guild formed in January that often hangs out in discord together every day. Our goal is to always push towards CE. We dabble in Classic and other games as well!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Btag: Joepa#11231

Discord: JoePa#3094

Hey y’all!

Thanks so much for the responses :slight_smile: will check in with each of you today or tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Edit: swapped to alliance this week just to try something new while grinding the new covenant. Just a psa in case you notice the race change. I do plan on swapping back horde within a day or two unless the guild I find is alliance.

Hey Shlamorel!

Sloppy Seconds is looking for capable and motivated raiders to achieve CE in 9.1 and all tiers moving forward. CN was our first tier, finishing 8/10 M. We learned a lot, made a lot of adjustments, and now we are full force forward to get CE given the things we have learned. We currently raid Tues/Wed from 9:30-12:30 AM EST and are based on Alliance Stormrage, so you would not have to swap back horde and you’d be in a very high pop server.

The team itself is extremely welcoming, very active, and very social, as is the guild we are in. Our raid style is primarily driven by creating an environment where people can shine and perform their best, so we value constructive feedback and personal improvement to help us continue to push content. We also do not tolerate any kind of discrimination (I’m gay so LGBTQIA+ and general equality is on my mind) and we want everyone to feel comfortable on the team.

Feel free to reach out to me via discord: skrillareave#3104 or bnet: skrillareave#1502 if interested. Also feel free to check out our recruitment post if you want some more details on the team and the guild! Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Hi Shiamorel, [H] Persistent-Thrall is recruiting a healer for our core raid team. AOTC/Mythic, D/T Tues/Thurs 9pm-12 est. You can contact me in game at Cocopuff#1627 or discord at Coco#6386 for more info. Look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Hello Shlamorel!

Throwing my bid in for consideration

Remission is a 10/10M raiding guild located on Zul’jin - Horde

Were recruiting healers for 9.1 and have quite the LGBT community within and I think you would make a wonderful addition to our team.

Hit me up I’d love to chat

Battlenet: Nyhne#1376

Discord: Nyhne#7414

Hey all, I decided to trial with one of the guilds here. Thanks so much for responding though =) Good luck in 9.1!

Hello! i saw you decided to trial with one of the guilds listed here so congratulations but i also would like to extend my hand out as well from Nerve on Emerald Dream! we are a 10/10M guild who started during shadowlands and plan to hit the ground heavy for 9.1 we achieved ally side first for CE and plan to go further! our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 8PM-Midnight EST with times being flexible and possibly changing to 7:30-11:30 EST ! if you are interested in trialing would love to talk more my discord is
Discord: atlien#1442

Hey Schlamorel! I’m Jimmiejam with [A] Proudmoore with . We’re a 8/10m CN team that is looking to recruit great players for CE pushing in 9.1. We currently raid Tues/Thurs 6-9pm PST/9pm-12am EST. If you’re interested in coming Alliance and wanted to chat with a LGBTQA+ guild/team, feel free to reach out to me on discord @ Mookaladouche#6580

Also, if you’d like to look through our recruitment post, here is it!

Hello there,

I represent Really Bad Players on Horde, Area-52 — a 2-night guild that is looking to bolster our roster in this and future tiers. We’re an adult-natured guild that looks to balance CE progression with busy schedules and a tastefully profane atmosphere. Having taken a look at your post we are curious to know if you’d be interested in hearing more about our guild.

Guild Info
● Sunday & Monday raids from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST (10:00 PM to 2:00 AM EST)
● 9/10M Castle Nathria, CE in raids expansions prior
● Loot distributed via loot council (RCLootCouncil)
● Website https://www.reallybadplayers.wtf
Raider.io https://raider.io/guilds/us/area-52/Really%20Bad%20Players
● WarcraftLogs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/area-52/Really%20Bad%20Players

If you are interested or have any questions don’t hesitate to reply. discord is Azzekal#6909

[Insidious Legion] 4/10M on Proudmoore LF Raiders for 9.1
We are looking for DPS to fill our raiding ranks. We have a decent array of raiders and have a relaxed raid environment that has obtained AOTC and 4/10 mythic. (also resto druid).
Our raid times are Wed and Friday at 5:30 Server until 8:30 server (PST) (See your Time below).
Start Times for your Time Zone:
5:30 - Western
6:30 - Mountain
7:30 - Central
8:30 - Eastern
If interested, please contact us on:
Bnet: Theodoras#11590, Kelpret#1353
Discord: Hattorrii#3227, Kelpret#5248
Alliance guild on Proudmoore

Crisp is a welcoming community with plenty of mature players. Give us a look if you’re still hunting for a new guild.

Happy Pride month!
Our guild is Decent of Illidan, and we went 8/10M in CN, with good prog on SLG before we hung it up for the tier thanks to a combo of burn out and TBC. Many of our players are former high end raiders!

We raid Tues/Wed 8:15pm EST - 11:15pm EST

Looking to fill a healer slot for our guilds CE push in 9.1. We have multiple LGBTQ+ players, and a fun atmosphere without sacrificing getting bosses down. I’d love to chat, message me on discord Chupe#5773!