226 8/10M 1900io Boomy/Guardian/Resto LFG

I’ve been raiding on my druid since wrath and have us top 200 CE experience playing all roles. Currently looking for a guild with a spot open for a guardian or a boomy. Realm first 15 xp as a tank, 90th percentile logs as boomy and feral, and I can play resto too. There are 3 things I am looking for in a potential guild: strong organized leadership, out of raid activity/sales, and a fulltime CE progression spot. In return I offer dedication, a raid ready alt army by t2 (split run tanks if accepted for a tank position), out of raid activity, and a player who will beg for mechanics to pick on me so I know they will be done right.

I am looking to find a long establish CE guild on Area 52 matching my current progression/activity or better. If you think we will be a good fit please add me on btag Fang#1770. Im pretty much always on :slight_smile:

Hi friend,

Check us out!

Fresh lockout!

< Soup or Guild > is a newly established Horde on Area-52 recruiting for Mythic level content.

We are currently 5/10M, our goal is to clear as much content as possible this tier, and maintain Cutting Edge going forward. Guild leadership and many of our raid team have a strong history of achieving Cutting Edge and similar progress on end game bosses from vanilla through BFA.

We raid strictly 6-hours a week each Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm-12am server time (EST). Given our aspirations and light schedule, we are seeking raiders who understand the importance of attendance and preparation.

While we will gladly speak to all exceptional applicants regardless of need, we are currently focusing recruitment on the following classes:
Melee DPS: 1 Death Knight
Ranged DPS: 1 Boomkin
Healer: n/a
Tank: n/a

Most of our raiders run multiple keys on mains and alts, so you will likely find other players willing to do Mythic Plus content of varying difficulty throughout the week. We also sometimes do Rated Battlegrounds on Friday evenings and are seeking more players interested in PVP content.

If you’re interested in joining us or learning more, feel free to reply here or contact us:
Liger#11271 on Bnet
Liger#5309 on Discord
zak#4618 on Discord