225 UH DK 6/10M Looking for Mythic team

Woke up this morning with no guild, looking to find a new one.

Council prog to 50% phase 3 should have been a kill last week but guild drama cut raid week short and this week killed the guild.

warcraftlogs /character/id/57359254

wouldn’t let me post a link so you know.

Looking for preferably CST time zone between 7p-12 Saturdays are a no go for raids.

Horde preferred


Hi Wintermint! If you can’t find the prog you’re looking for and want a tight knit community, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hey! Reaching out from Mango Bay on Illidan. We are currently 7/10M with one night of progression on Sludgefist (got to 40%/3rd pillar). We are looking for 1-2 more exceptional DPS for our core progression. A little more about us below.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

Who we are:

Mango Bay is a group of players enjoying Wow together since early legion. With the release of Shadowlands we have turned our sights on achieving cutting edge and are on track to do just that. Our long term goals are to achieve cutting edge in each subsequent tier as well. In terms of personalities we are quite laid back but we bring a seriousness to mythic raiding and prepare accordingly. We are currently on the hunt for likeminded individuals to join our team, those who can joke and have fun but be ready to focus when needed.

Current needs:

Disc Priest
WW monk
Range DPS

Although this is mainly what we are searching for, we are open to any above average players in other specs.

Our current raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12EST. At the beginning of the tier we also raid Wednesday at the same time for the first month.

If Mango Bay sounds like the right place for you, contact any of us below:

Evellysta (Recruitment Officer): Bnet: Necrocution#1308 Disc: Necrocution#4114
Kareco (GM+RL): Bnet: Kareco#1723 Disc: Kareco#4773
Tanthya (Healing Officer): Bnet: Tanthya#1539 Disc: Tanthya#7180

Formerly [A] on Lightbringer, we are now on [H] on the Illidan server 8/10M. TC was founded in May 2005 and has been a top guild from inception, obtaining most cutting edges. We are getting most of the core guild members back so you can expect a guild with seasoned leadership, a relaxed and fun raid environment full of skillful individuals.

We are currently raiding Tuesday & Wednesday at 9:30-12:30 am EST. We have an optional run on Sundays at the same time, which is reserved for Sales, Achievements, or Norm/Heroic Clears during Mythic progression. We are currently extending our lockout until we kill Denathrius.

Even if we are not looking for your class, we always accept any exceptional applicants. Feel free to review our logs and see if you can compete.

Death Knight

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone in leadership:
GM - Xellos BTag Xellos#1969 Discord Xellos#3150
Officer - Ghostyy BTag Ghosty#1481 Discord Ghosty#0330
Officer - Llunai Btag Lunana#1345 Discord Luna#8650

Fill out an application here: forms.gle/o5QPELxet1d1GQWR6

Blarg Squad is 6/10M 10/10H and looking to enjoy mythic progression, with players who come prepared to execute and have a good time. Mechanics MATTER. Guild Leadership has raid experience from Vanilla through current, including past server firsts, with the goal to achieve CE in a timely manner.

Current progress: 6/10M, 10/10H

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-10 CST (8-11 EST)
Contacts: Divineblarg (Discord: Mint#3740 // btag: prizma#11192)
Fattblarg (Btag: Fatman#1884 // Discord: Fatman#8817)

Play the class you enjoy and the spec you enjoy. We expect you will put in the time to complete content, mythic plus, and weekly requirements for your SL Covenant. For raid, put in the effort to know the fights and mechanics and own up to your errors and work on them. It’s progression for a reason after all. Understand as well, our RL will put the best in for progression, period.

The guild provides cauldrons and feasts at raids, however, we expect you to bring health and mana pots, dps pots, oils, your extra flask if you are not alchemy, and armor kits.

Our group has been raiding together for a long time, some members as far back as BC. Others came along later and a few we met in classic. We have never had a clique atmosphere. Simply come hang out. We enjoy chatting, mythic plus, good humor, and during WOW downtimes, we play other games as a group. If you want a place to chill, we’re good for that too.

R.IO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/illidan/Blarg%20Squad
LOGS: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/illidan/blarg%20Squad
Wowprogress https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/illidan/Blarg+Squad

Hey Winter,

If you get interested in Alliance then hope to talk more soon!

(A) < Proper Villains >[Proudmoore] 7/10M CN w/ many past CE’s is recruiting!

We aim to clear progression raiding, while having fun all in 9 hours a week.

Current Recruiting Needs: All exceptional applicants considered!

  • Tanks: Exceptional applicants only!
  • Melee: Any that can off tank
  • Ranged: Open/ All Classes
  • Healers: Paladin

Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8-11 PST

  • Optional Alt Raid on Fridays 8-11 PST

What We Expect From Applicants:

  • Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs).
  • Some prior raiding experience in Mythic.
  • Ability to attend at least 90% of raids.
  • A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression.
  • The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
  • Friendly, humble personality (team player).
  • Ability to communicate on Discord.


If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officers:

  • Stareana (Discord: Star#0833, BNet: Solidflash#1444)
  • Blast (Discord:Blast#4486)

If you’re interested, please check out more info or apply here:proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment

Interested in raiding mythic 1 night per week?

Team Free Repairs
Illidan - US
Thursdays 7-11p CT

At the time of this post we’re 5/10 M with some decent pulls on artificer. Our roster is overfull and very stable, we’re just looking to add a single DK to the mix, perhaps that’s you.

Best of luck in your search!


Crayon Factory [6/10M] is a Two-day progression raiding guild on [H] Area 52 comprised of 20-25 Semi-Hardcore players looking to round out our mythic roster. Since our formation in Ny’alotha we’ve been able to push ourselves to accomplish CE and will continue to do so until we all quit for Classic Wrath.

Our current raid schedule consists of every Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-12am EST and expect our raiders to have a reliable attendance record. As we progress through mythic we try our best to maintain a fun and relaxing environment while continuously striving to be as hardcore as possible. Apart from raiding we enjoy pushing ourselves in Mythic+ and occasionally PvP.

If you’re interested in joining a fun and fast paced progression team please fill out our application below.
Crayon Factory App

Any other questions please feel free to message us on discord!

Recruitment: @Hottie8423
Raid Lead: @Keggernaut9740

Immediate core spot open for Unholy Dk after trial !

Blind Ambition is 6/10M 10/10H and looking to enjoy Mythic Progression with a good community of people who plan on giving thier all during raid nights we have a very strong core group but we need you to make it even better!

Guild leadership has multiple years of CE experience from vanilla through current!

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30-11:30 Est

Contacts: Darthobama#1124,Aerbax#11297, Spoony#11294


  1. First and foremost, we are a team. Everyone that is part of this team is expected to assist with the end goal of making memories (by killing pixel monsters) with some of our closest friends; playing at their absolute best.

  2. We are a CE Guild. It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes us to achieve this goal, but it is THE goal. Every patch. Every raid.

  3. There is no actual core. That being said. We’re ALL on the bench. Even myself. You will be rotated in, based on what Raid Lead: Spoony ; Raid Assists: kuilfrayt (Annyaka) and Shadow determines is necessary for the encounter.

The guild provides cauldrons and feasts at raids, however, we expect you to bring health and mana pots, dps pots, oils, your extra flask if you are not alchemy, and armor kits.