225 Aff Lock LF Sire Prog/CE

10/10M on horde US Illidan times are W/Th 9-12 EST, M 9-11 EST, add ayy#11363 on btag lets chat

Hey, didn’t see a discord or btag to get a hold of you, but I’m with Ignores Mechanics [H] on Illidan. We are currently 10/10M and looking to expand our raid team for reclears and to grow the team for a push into 9.1. I’d love to take a look at your logs and see if we couldn’t work something out. If interested go ahead and message me on disc Bsiedel#4362 or if you’d rather my btag is Cptnbackfat#1158

Currently looking for great attitude and dedicated players to their class. We are 10/10 mythic

Realm: [H] US-Zul’Jin
Guild Name: Delusions of Grandeur (DoG)
Realm Time-zone: EST

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday – 9:15pm-1215am Server Standard Time
Raid style: Hardcore on a casual schedule. What does that mean? We clear cutting edge content on short raid schedule. Showing up raid-ready, at the instance, and ready to kill bosses makes the time we have go smoothly. We take minimal breaks during the raid. Currently We are focused on Having a solid roster for CE in 9.1


About Us:
Fore score and Warlords of Draenor ago, Delusions of Grandeur killed Archimonde for its first Cutting Edge achievement as a group. Although some of DoG’s core have been pushing content since the Throne of Thunder days, HFC is where the guild made its splash as top guild on US-Runetotem.
Cutting Edge Achievements:
· Archimonde (Hellfire Citadel)
· Gul’dan (The Nighthold)
· Argus the Unmaker (Antorus)
Every season, we host a Rated Battleground group on Friday nights that is normally centered around winning and having a few cocktails/beers (if that is your thing). Our best season was BFA Season 1 when we reached the 2100 bracket.

What about the pluses? (Mythic Plus). Our core group has been pushing the M+ brackets since Legion (5k+ Raider IO Scores) with our most recent team reaching the 4500+ score this past BFA season. We fully intend on pushing high keys and are always looking for more to join our M+ ranks.

Discord Community and In-Game Activities:
Our Discord is used for all guild activities as well as a source of information with many of WoW’s community pages. We have bots set up for WoWheadNews and Raidbot sims. If you like spinning on the 1s and 2s, we also have a DJ set up for you to listen to with your group.
Raid Strategy, absence postings and plenty of memes are also located all across our Discord Community.

If it sounds like your interests align with DoG, please feel free to let our Talent Manager, Ripabrewski, know! He can be contacted in BNET using the tag Strictlyrip#1836 or his discord at Ripabrewski#8526 or you can contact me on discord at Kelsar#8406

Hey Arthasbby! My guild is 9/10M and we are looking for another RDPS to fill out our roster. I am pasting my guild blurb below.

If you are interested feel free to add me on Bnet - Rakitin#1573 and/or Discord - Rakitin#5193

Coo Coo Kachoo formed at the end of BfA. We push to get CE at a good pace but we are a very chill raid team. We have fun while raiding but we expect our raiders to perform at a high level.

What we are looking for:
Our ideal candidate enjoys playing the game at a high level and striving to better themselves and their character. Someone who strives for greatness but overall just want to enjoy the hardest content in the game.

We use loot council for tradable loot. At the beginning of tiers BoEs are sold to fund the guild bank unless it is BiS or an essential piece for continued progression.

Raid Schedule:
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 9pm - 12:00am EST (6:00pm - 9:00pm PST)

Our current needs are the following:

Tank: N/A
DPS: All ranged DPS
Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, Disc Priest
Any exceptional players will always be considered even if your class/spec is not listed.

To apply fill out our guild application form:
(remove the space) h ttps://forms.gle/Tw64kBSqMvSHFN8P9

Rakitin - Bnet: Rakitin#1573, Discord: Rakitin#5193
Rhkh - Bnet: Raidss#1241, Discord: Rhkh#1698

We’re a 9/10M Alliance guild that raids Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11EST. We’re working on p2 Denathrius and would love a solid moonkin for our roster for Realm First CE. If interested, reach out to one of us below:

Battle Tag- Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

We’re just starting Sire this Tuesday if you’re looking for 2-day Alliance guild. Hit me up if we’re a good fit. We enjoy raiding together, even through SLG jail.

<It’s Mine I Licked It> is 9/10M, on a 2 night, 6 hour a week schedule, and we want a few raiders to fill the roster and progress on Denathrius with us!

Our raid schedule is TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 8 PM EST – 11 PM EST. We will only be raiding 6 hours a week, so we will be pulling at 8. In other words, the ability to be on by 7:45 or so is important/necessary.

If you are interested in raiding with us, please fill out the following form:


If you have any questions, please feel free to add Raph on Battle.net (Raphael#1142).

More info ([A][Its Mine I Licked It]8-11 EST T/Th, Vet. Raiders LF DH/DK/RDPS/Heals for SoD CE (4/10M 10/10 H)):

It’s Mine I Licked It (US-Stormrage - Alliance) is recruiting for 2-day-a-week raiding in Shadowlands!
Its Mine I Licked It was founded prior to the launch of Shadowlands by a group of friends with significant hardcore raiding experience. All of the founding members played WoW since The Burning Crusade or earlier, and have raided since Wrath of the Lich King or before. More to the point, each of the founding members have at minimum US Top 50 experience, and all held leadership positions in competitive raiding guilds.
However, life goes on and people get older, and we all stopped raiding or even playing the game all together in either Legion or Battle for Azeroth for individual reasons. However, we also love this game and have come back over the last few months (or for some of us, never left at all). For all of us, raiding is an integral part of this game, and that’s what we plan to do. Still, we don’t want to break our backs pushing the true bleeding edge of end game content like we all did for so many years.
In Shadowlands, we will clear all Mythic Raid content as well as provide an environment conducive for Mythic + dungeon runs. However, we are all at the point in our lives where pushing late hours or extra nights to clear a Mythic Raid is not what we are looking for. Instead, we want to focus on a less grindy experience while still pushing ourselves and playing efficiently.

Hey Arthas!

Predictive Gaming [AoTc 9/10M CN] is a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild that is looking for new family members!

Although the guild is new, its members are not. Predictive Gaming’s founding members have been playing WoW together for over 10 years and have achieved Cutting Edge together in numerous past tiers. The goal of this close-knit community is to gather quality over quantity with its future raiders, and find members that fit in with the existing team.

We are a tight-nit, friendly community of players who enjoy all kinds of content, but we strive to maintain a competitive roster for our Mythic team. Our goal is to grow and experience content together, while raiding on a laid back schedule. Our ultimate goal is CE every tier and we are recruiting to make that a reality.

Current progression and raid times:
Tues & Fri: 9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. EST (Rarely extend)

We are currently recruiting a resto sham/ Disc priest, Lock/mage, warrior/hunter and maybe an off tank for mythic progression but any exceptional applicants will be considered!

We also have an alt friendly or Casual Team that does a Heroic clear on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST. If raiding isn’t your thing, we have an RBG team and M+ groups running weekly!

If interested please fill out the application linked below or for more information, feel free to contact our:

Recruitment Officer:
Btag: Veni2399#1206
Discord: Venividivici#7990

Raid Lead:
Btag: Wishkins#1359

Guild Lead:
Btag: Swagner#7414

Hi! My guild is Frauds – Zul’jin [H] and we are 10/10 M recruiting for 9.1 with trials happening during reclear, if available. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun from 8:30-11:00 ET. If these times work for you and you are interested in joining our team, please reach out. I’m happy to provide kill vids, and one of our raiders even makes YouTube vids of our raid highlights/funny moments if you were interested. Happy to answer any questions as well. My discord is #Avare2045 and that is the best way to reach me. Have a good one!

Hello, you’re looking like a Snack :). Snacks [9/10M] on Horde Mal’ganis is a Cutting Edge Guild looking for more dedicated, exceptional and committed raiders. Currently we see a Sire kill within the next two weeks with our multiple phase 3 attempts. We were able to achieve being the US 410th guild to achieve CE in our first established tier, and we’re looking to improve that. We raid on Tues/Wed at 9pm-12am EST. We not only raid together but have a highly active community that does M+/PvP/Sale Runs and more. If this sounds like a guild you’d like to be a part of, feel free to reach out to me in discord or if you have any questions! Titan#1410.


I wanted to reach out as well to see if you might be interested in joining Uncommon Sense.
We’re looking for warlocks and would love to talk if you’re interested.

We’re an Alliance guild on Proudmoore and are currently 10/10m with strong history of achieving CE at a good pace. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm PST to 8pm PST (8pm EST to 11pm EST)

If you’re interested in reading more, I’ve linked our post here:

I’ll leave my contact info here as well
Disc: JustOneSparrow#7679

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey, 9/10M Alliance on Whisperwind, working on P2 of Sire. 8-11 EST every Tuesday and Wednesday. Can start your trial as early as tonight. Add me if you want to learn more!

Discord Cav#9559
Bnet Cav#1179

Hey there Arthasbby,

Conviction of Bleeding Hollow (10/10M - 2night a week) guild is currently recruiting a Warlock for our main roster. We raid Tues from 7:30-10:30pm and Sunday from 6:30-10:30pm CST. We may be what you are looking for! Check us out:

Hi there,

You sound like you could be a great fit for our guild. We’re a 16-year, 9/10M Alliance guild with over a dozen Realm First CE kills that raids Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 EST. We’re working on p2 Denathrius and would love a solid lock to add to our main roster (not a bench spot!). If interested, hit up one of us below and we can chat:

Battle Tag- Fearmaky#1989 Discord- Fearmaky#9857

Battle Tag- Omega#11231 Discord- Omega#1053

Battle Tag- Bigeze#1485

Battle Tag- Bevee#1903

Battle Tag- Shadow#12663

Assuming Vudu is you . If you will go Alliance reach out to me in discord Horse#5014 … 9/10

Ignores Mechanics-Illidan Horde. Late night guild 10/10M raid time 11 pm-2am central time. If you want to chat and explore some possibilities add me on disc Bsiedel#4362

We are srsly looking for some excellent warlocks!

Hey we have 2 CE teams that could use a warlock, both raid Tues & Thurs… 1 is early noon-3pm EST, other is evening 7:30-10:30pm EST. Let me know if your interested! Btag- Zhamieqns#1261

Hey There! If you are still looking it would be awesome if you would check out Team Colorblind in the guild Seraph on US H -Mal’ganis.

We raid only 6 hours per week on Fri/Sat from 10pm - 1am EST / 7pm - 10pm PST.

Our team has been together for multiple expansions with the same core leadership. We achieved CE in BoD as well as in Nya’lotha, and remain focused on achieving CE in CN. Our team has many seasoned raiders with MANY tiers of raiding under their belts. We have fun and get the job done!

To apply to our team, navigate to the recruitment page to submit an app for Raid 1 Colorblind FS - https://www.seraphguild.com/recruitment 1

A special note about our team Colorblind, we have TWO raid groups functioning under the same leadership with completely separate lockouts. Some players play on both Colorblind teams, but that is NEVER a requirement. It’s just for even MORE fun and raiding!

About our guild - Seraph of US-Mal’Ganis is a multi-team, adult raiding guild. We have been among the top guilds on server for the last ten years, and we will continue to be here for years to come. We offer an inclusive community experience and make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. With such a large community, we offer our members a wide selection of events to participate in. Our guild features:​

  • Community raids open to all
  • Legacy & achievement events
  • Twitch hosting for raiders
  • M+ Dungeons
  • Active guild discord
  • Social media promotion
  • Blizzcon meetups

Seraph currently hosts 6 different raid teams. Our multiple raid programs cover a broad spectrum of raiding needs for our players. Seraph has a raid team for everyone. All our teams work together in order to make sure each of our teams are successful. It’s not uncommon for our raiders to be seen raiding in more than one of our raid programs and we have designed the community around the premise that we all work together to kill bosses as efficiently as possible.

If you’re interested in joining our family and finishing out this tier strong with team Colorblind, please submit an application at https://www.seraphguild.com/recruitment 1 or reach out to one of our team officers!

R1 Tank Officer - Dratyny (Discord: Franknstyn#1572)

R1 Healing Officer - Theoldnagual (Discord: Theoldnagual#6887)

R1 DPS Officer - Quasar (Discord: Quasar#4179)

Hello there! I’m late to the part here so you may have found a new home. Here’s our information just in case you are still looking. Thanks for taking the time to look it over!

[H] 9/10M 6 hr Sat/Sun Pandamonium-Mal’ganis - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey Arthas, Check out my spam add me to btag if it works for you lets chat

Nap Time - Tichondrius is a newly formed guild as of Shadowlands, we are a competitive, fun loving group of people that are pushing towards achieving CE in every tier, with the hopes of obtaining higher US and world ranks in the next tiers to come. Currently recruiting all dps specs and classes.

On our first raid as a newly formed guild on January 8th, 2021, about a month and a half after Shadowlands released, we managed to clear 10/10H and 1/10M and have been progressing at a very steady rate since then. We managed to power through the first 8 bosses and have just recently cleared Stone Legion Generals to put us at 9/10M.

The guild is founded on semi-hardcore principles only being a 2 a night raid team. We expect people to come prepared to raid and to be on time (15 minutes before the raid). As this is our first tier we have had to overcome a few hurdles as a newly formed group, but with Sludge about to fall and CE in sight, we are confident that once we are more established going into future tiers, we will be able to achieve CE quicker and obtain higher rankings.

IN NEED OF: Range/1 healer

Monday - (9pm - 12am PST)
Wednesday - (9pm - 12am PST)
Thursday - (9pm - 12am PST)

All consumes other than potions are provided to our raiders as well as repairs, and we use RC Loot Council to distribute tradeable gear in order to maximize our output and achieve CE as fast as possible.

We are also looking for M+ and PVP applicants as well to push higher keys and obtain higher rankings in RBGs. At the start of new tiers many groups will be running to push KSM and 1800-2100+ in RBGs in order to achieve the best possible loot.

If you are interested, please contact either of the 2 people below for more information. Thanks, hope to talk to you soon!