224 Frost Mage Considering Faction Switch

Considering changing to Horde, I was only Alliance for friends who have all quit the game. What are some good PST servers for raiding/mythic+? Any guilds AOTC/CE guilds need a mage? Since I was Alliance I don’t have any of the new races, are any required for Mage or will Goblin/Troll still work? Thanks for any answers! HMU on RisenFenix#11943 of just reply here!


i added you im sleazypal id love to talk to you about my guild if your interested

Hey Malarcanus!

I posted on your other guild recruitment post. I too added you to bnet and hope to connect.

My guild on Area 52 (H) - Spiteful Misfits is looking for a mage for our raid team. Wed / Thurs 9pm-11pm Est. are our raid nights and we run M+ on the off days.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Rhawin (Bnet: Bluejay#1886)

We could use a second mage to our roster if your interested we raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm to 11pm est we are on Zul’jin horde I can be reached at Sig#9905 on discord or Sig#11142 on bnet here is our guild spam below


Please reach out, interested in speaking with you!

Hi there! We are currently in need of a Mage rather urgently in our guild Casual Damage. We are currently 7/10H with no mages in our ranks at this time. Would love to have you aboard.

We raid 545pst to 830pst Wed and Thurs evenings. We completed AOTC in CN and finished 5/10M for 9.0.5. Looking to go further as we had a late start last expansion on raiding, I personally joined up late to the team and we got things done quickly.

Any race you would wish to play would be ok with our guild. I would recommend orc, troll, goblin, but any are great. Even nightborne. Whatever you like aesthetically or functionality wise.

Hope to hear from you sir.


Can Mail me in game, reply to this comment or message any of our officers on our roster at any time including myself regarding coming aboard.