223 6/10M Fury Warrior lfg


We are currently looking for a DPS warrior

We are 9/10M with a tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30-11:30 raid schedule. Hit me up at MayorJuevos#1615

Hi Tharon,

I’d love an opportunity to chat with you. We’re on Area 52. We raid on Tues/Thurs from 9-12 eastern. Currently 7/10M with a dozen or so sub 5% sludge pulls (will probably die tomorrow). I’m looking for a warrior for a core spot as our current warrior wants to swap back to ranged dps. If you’d like to chat, please feel free to reach out - my BattleTag is Blashy#1850.


Hi Tharon!

Synthesis is recruiting a DPS warrior for farm and the upcoming raid tier. We are 10/10m and was hoping could get you to take a look at us as a possible guild.

If you wish feel free to talk to me on discord: Sae#0076

I appreciate you guys leaving info and am reaching out to some of you now. :slight_smile: Feel free to leave more information.

I don’t see any days/times or faction preference listed, so I’m going to leave our spam for you to consider:

< Ouroboros > (12 years old)
Proudmoore - Alliance
Current Progression:
6/10M, 10/10H, 10/10N Castle Nathria

Previous Progression:
Ny’alotha 12/12M, 12/12H, 12/12N Cutting Edge
Eternal Palace: 7/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N
Battle of Dazar’alor: 9/9M, 9/9H, 9/9N Cutting Edge
Uldir 8/8M, 8/8 H, 8/8 N Cutting Edge

Our Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
8pm-11pm PST, 9pm-12am MST, 10pm-1am CST, 11pm-2am EST

Contact information:
Please feel free to apply via the instructions on our discord: discord.gg/NfV8jwF For more personal information, feel free to contact any of our officers or recruiters via Discord or in game.

Lerich: Discord: Lerich/maps3y88#4653

Narumata: Discord: Narumata#8139
Nivels Discord: Nivels#5892

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!

We are Inexorable Brutality[7/10M] 4% wipe on sludge. Currently recruiting committed raiders to push back into CE, we achieved Cutting Edge in Nyalotha as a part of our former guild that we split from going into Shadowlands and are nearing Cutting Edge again this tier with goals of future also reaching CE in further tiers. We are seeking exceptional and dedicated raiders to commit to the team while also having fun together as a team. We are located on Emerald Dream[Alliance] and raid Wednesday/Friday 8-11 server/central.

Hey we have a spot for you

Second Attempt is a 6/10M , semi-hardcore, CE minded raiding guild comprised of many former/returning top US 100 raiders located on the Tichondrius server

Currently looking for mechanically sound, punctual pumpers to join our team and assist in the hunt for CE for 9.1 and beyond. If you are looking for an active, relaxed environment with people who push high M+ keys, PVP and gear alts in our spare time this is the place for you!

Raid times:
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 9pm PST

Contact for apps/questions:
Discord -
Wong- Wong#9313
Feet- Feetpics#5541
Tahk- Tahk#2844

Hey Tharon, if you haven’t found a place yet Retirement Sanctuary could use a good warrior. We’re a 3 day guild currently working on Mythic SLG. Raid times are T/W/Th, 7:30 - 10:30 PST.

If you’re interested fill out the application and join our discord:

If you’re looking to play Alliance, we are looking for a DPS warrior. Currently at Council as well. See our recruitment post below:

Damn I appreciate all the info. Once I get off of work I will be reaching out also. Keep leaving information as I am hoping to be raiding this coming week if I can.

See the pitch below, however, I’d also like to throw some additional context in. Currently, the guild is looking to replace a 4-5 players who unfortunately hold back progression. We would be interested in having you trial in an effort to replace one of those dudes and working toward CE and in to 9.1.

The Peanut Gallery is a Horde raiding guild on US-Tichondrius (10/10H 6/10M). We are a group of semi-hardcore/hardcore raiders who have been playing together since 2010 in Wrath. At the very end of BFA, we decided to form a new guild, The Peanut Gallery. Currently, we are looking for exceptional, mechanics-oriented raiders for our team to continuing our push into Mythic Castle Nathria and into future patches.

Raid Times:
7-10 pm PST Tuesday/Thursday

Previous Progression
BFA: 11/12M Nya’lotha (after a very late start into the tier as a guild)

SL: 10/10H 6/10M Castle Nathria
WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/The+Peanut+Gallery

Recruitment Needs
All DPS and healer priests are encouraged to apply. We aren’t looking for 100 parses. What we are looking for are players who can play their class with an acceptable degree of skill while still performing raid mechanics.

More about us:
The guild will provide for all consumables, so no need to grind your life away. However, d material donations are always appricated, but not required.

The guild uses Loot Council to distribute all available loot drops and ALL BOEs which are distributed at the loot council discretion and if they can not be equipped and used by a raid member then those BOEs are sold to help facilitate the financing of raid consumables.


  1. Come prepared.
  2. Show up early/on time.
  3. Work on your character/characters on off-raid days to bring as much as you can to the table.
  4. Know the bosses and come prepared with the knowledge to fulfil the role you will take in the fight
  5. Be receptive to and can provide constructive criticism.
  6. Follow directions when given specifically
  7. During a fight, comms should remain clear. The raid leader will make all calls and decided the direction of the fight.
  8. We would desire you to do mechanics 100% and only parse green as opposed to parsing 100s up until the point you mess up a mechanic and die, dropping to a grey parse. Dead raiders don’t do dmg.

How to Apply:

You can apply one of two ways:
Guild Application Link:
If you want to apply by speaking to us directly, or if you have any questions about our guild, policies, or anything else, please contact:

  • Scrambles:
    • Battlenet: Scrambles#1369
    • Discord: Scrambles#1730
  • Engleheart
    • Battlenet; Kurt#1915
    • Discord: Not Engle#2036

Outside of WoW, the guild has a diverse group of players with an active Discord. Some of the games we play include LoL, COD, PoE/Diablo, etc… in between major WoW patches.

Also, we have punch and pie…./

Chaos Reborn is a Cutting Edge guild focused on clearing all mythic content with a strong commitment to bettering both ourselves and our rankings along the way.

Raiding Schedule
We raid roughly 9 hours per week with rare OT(usually 30min) if we are on the cusp of a kill.
Tuesday: 8PM EST - 11PM EST
Wednesday: 8PM EST - 11PM EST
Thursday: 8PM EST - 11PM EST

Results oriented environment - We don’t recruit “bench” raiders. Raid spots are earned, not given. We will bring the 20 best players for the kill, regardless of tenure or guild status. Trials can expect to be put into tough progression situations right away. This fosters a competitive environment where everyone is pushing to be better tomorrow than they were today.

Experienced and passionate leadership - Our leadership is committed to facilitating an environment where players can perform well and build synergy. We often spend hours pouring over logs identifying avenues of improvement for either an individual or the raid as a whole. Open communication, constructive criticism and positive reinforcement are all on the docket.

Fair loot - All loot is voted on and distributed by the officers based on performance and our progression needs.

Constant recruitment and a healthy roster - Too tight of a roster is as hurtful as it is helpful. The synergy is great until you are stuck with an underperforming player because the other mage called out that night. So we add a balanced amount of fluff to reap the benefits of a tight knit group without the downfalls of an individual’s bad night or IRL emergency.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Hello all and welcome to we are a guild on zul’jin progressing on mythic Castle Nathria. Blood Haze is a semi-hardcore 2-night a week (3 hours each) progression, guild. As such, our raiders and casuals will be held to a higher standard to maximize the playtime we have. We like to have a chill raid environment even during prog and aim to maintain keep it that way even if we wipe, we all like to enjoy the game at the end of the day. We’re Currently 7/10M!

[Raiding Schedule]

Our raid times are Tuesday & Wednesday 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST (3 hours).


We are looking for players with at least current Mythic raiding experience or past expansion Mythic raiders who are returning to the game. We have just started prog on mythic Sludgefist, trying to get Cutting Edge before 9.1. We are mainly looking for quality players with specific specs however would consider exceptional applicants of any role/class.

Current Needs:

  • Affi Warlock (High Prio)
  • Shadow Priest
  • Boomkin
  • Fury Warrior

[Guild Requirements]

We strive to produce a positive and friendly environment during the raid and outside of the raid. We understand that people commit their time to the game and so we want to make it the most enjoyable for everyone in the guild. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for toxic behavior, hate speech, racism, or harassment. We are looking for players who are actively searching for ways to improve, learn and excel within their roles and classes. Never be afraid of trying new things and if you need help, please reach out to other members for a helping hand.


If you’re interested in applying or knowing more about our guild, please reach out! You can add me at Vivec#1658

let us know

Hey I’m reaching out from Pumperdudes on Area 52. We are 6/10M COB 14%. We are looking for solid players to fill our roster to push for CE. We raid two nights a week being Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 EST.

Who are we:

Pumperdudes is a group of great players and friends coming from a previous guild and server. Our guild is fairly new but determined enough to push CE. Our long term goal is to fill out a solid roster to raid through the whole of shadowlands and on. We are a laid back but serious about the game when we need to be and looking for likeminded people to join our ranks.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact one of our officers on discord! Lane#2403 // Phil/Herb#7359 // ebork#3943 // Tiltbot#7940

I have reached out to a few of you. Feel free to keep leaving information. I am going to take a grown up nap and try to reach out more when I wake up.

Hi Tharon! I just found your post, and I think you’d be a great fit for our group. I put our generic post down below so please check it out, and if it sounds good lets talk soon! Beef#12743 is my B-tag.

Hello, Buds Til Disband is looking to expand our roster for SL!!

Raid Days/Times

  • Friday and Saturday 9 - 12 EST,.

Guild information

The guild has been around for the better part of 5 years! We’ve transferred faction/server both once before, but Mal’Ganis was our home for all of BfA, and will continue to be that way for SL!

We will always get AoTC, but the ultimate goal is always to push into mythic. We’re trying to find those with that same attitude/skill to achieve goals, but keeping the game enjoyable as well :slight_smile:

We’ve built a good community here, and we’re looking for right minded individuals to join us. Raiding should be fun, and we strive to keep the atmosphere light, but at the same time serious enough to be conscience of everyone’s time, and investment. You’ll usually find us in discord talking smack, and cracking jokes on a nightly basis. We run a lot of M + too, so if that’s something you enjoy try us out!


  • 5/10 Mythic

  • 10/10 Heroic

Currently Recruiting

  • 1 Healer

  • Strong DPS! Melee or Ranged (Having a viable offspec tank or heals is a big plus!)

Contact Information

B-Tag - Beef#12743 Please reach out. I’m always willing to have a quick voice chat in discord to answer any questions :).

I’ll leave you with a link to our post that will run over the gist of things for us. If you’re interested, dont be afraid to reach out :slight_smile:

I appreciate all of you that have reached out to me. Still looking for the best fit so you can leave more information if you’d like.