223 6/10 Prot Pally [H]

I have KSM and then some and am an extremely dedicated PvEr. I have RL and GM experience and will be an invaluable addition to your group as I am both vocal, helpful and active in my communities.

I am looking for a group with at least my progress who can promise I will be able to progress with them. I am not looking to bench raid and am wanting to CE in the next tier. I am not looking for a guild where the social aspect is #1.

I am here to kill bosses and chew bubble gum…and I am all out of bubble gum.



Hi Taironn! If you can’t find the prog you’re looking for and want a tight-knit community, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

I require a bump

Winterhoof - Horde

10/10 Heroic looking to get into Mythic ASAP

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
Wednesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
We are actively recruiting for core spots and not a bench. All spots are competitive and if you are under-performing you may be asked to sit.

Healer - All will be considered
DPS - Mage, SPriest, and any strong DPS
Tank - 1 Immediate Opening Available
All specs and classes will be looked at and considered

GM - Norton
Raid/DPS Lead - Huntandprey
Heal Lead - Smallsu
Recruitment Officer - Norton
How to reach us.
Recruitment Officers
Bnet Norton#11254 Discord Norton#6319

are bumps still a thing?