220 WW monk

220 WW monk KSM and Aotc looking for non late late night guild, down to do keys, social guild preferred, have 215 9/10 Heroic Veng Dh tank alt. Will be dragging my wife with she won’t expect much just xmog runs from me lmao

Availability any time till 1130 server. No Friday Saturday night till next month when I will be free all nights.

Hi! What times are you available?

Till 11pm-1130 server. Can do late night on Friday Saturday if raid starts around 1030 server. Those times will change next month to be free any time on Friday and Saturday.

Hello Scaldera does Tues and Thurs work for you from 8 to 11 pm EST?

If so we are The Coffee Shoppe 2/10 Mythic and 10/10 Heroic

Please add gilga2k#1922

Hello! We are a small guild looking for Dps/Tanks to round out our raid team.

A few things about us:
We are an AOTC guild. What that means specifically for us, is that we are a casual bunch of adults that like to pew-pew and kill ugly creatures every tier. Our goal for each tier is AOTC, and if people are willing, we might dabble in some mythic progression. Our group has been together for a year or more on an Alliance server named Gilneas. We split and made the move to Area 52, as some of us are originally from this server and wanted a server where we can recruit and get things done. We are NOT a politically correct guild. If hearing words like “retarded” or hearing the adventures of our guild furry is gonna bother you, we will not be a fit for each other.

Current Raid Times:
Wednesday - 10pm-12:30am Server
Thursday - 10pm-12:30am Server
Sunday - 10pm-12:30am Server (flex nights)

Our Progression: 10/10N

What we expect:
Be respectful. If you want to just log on, hang out, and do random stuff…. that’s okay with us. If you would like to use discord to hang with friends and shoot the breeze, that’s okay with us.

Be prepared. While we try to provide a caldron for each night and food, we expect you to have flasks, pots, oils, and potions. Just because we are a heroic guild doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our hardest.

If you are looking for a tank/dps position or even flex between two specs and want to have fun and enjoy the game, hit us up.

GM - Princessnora (princessfury#11535)
Officer - Pathendiel (Tyoekk#1694)
Officer- Bandrui (Rottingsoul#1417)
Raid Leaders - Noobpunch (ZeroCool#1954)
Peceto (Rycon#1217)

Hi Scaldera,

Check out our thread and add me if you’re interested.
Jaystir#1204 - Discord (Preferred)
Jaystir#1960 - Bnet

AOTC Guild 3/10M, 10/10H CN LF DPS

Check us out. TL:DR 6/10m raids are tuesday thursday 6-9est. and we have rbgs on off nights as well as a second raid team that goes wed friday 8-11.

Grey Matter is a newer semi-hardcore/social raid focused guild. We’re composed of skilled players who are looking to push all content in a fun, positive environment. The majority of our guild is built of working professionals who make the most of the time we’re together and have developed a small family unit through this expansion.

Our core raiding team is looking to expand to 20 players required for Mythic CN, now that we’ve completed AOTC. The hope is to progress as much as possible in CN and develop a core mythic team for 9.1 for CE.

Currently, we’re focusing on reclearing heroic and mythic+ content until a core mythic team is established.

Raid Times:

  • Tue/Wed 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Server Time (EST), Mythic

Open Spots:

  • Healer
  • Range DPS
  • Melee DPS


  • Positive, fun, friendly attitude (don’t be sweatie, sweeties)
  • Personals/Enchants are required for each night
  • Review raid mechanics, wipefest and your class/spec

If you’re looking for mythic raid or just looking for some friends to run keys, feel free to add me on btag: peytonpeyy#1669, discord: Peyton#4523

P.S. We’re a guild for all walks of life - no hatred is tolerated. See you in the shadowlands loves