220 Hunter LF CE Push Guild

Multiple CE player. Hunter main since I started playing WoW in 2008.

Started a guild in SL. It quickly fell apart. Then, I raided and raid lead in a casual guild with long time friends, but got a new job so had to quit due to the late raid times. Looking to get back in a decently competitive guild or at least pushing to be competitive. I am a very strong, experienced raider without the attitude issue.

My schedule is fairly strict due to my family and job. I tend to have a degenerate sleep schedule but I have to change that with this new gig. I will not waste your time if I can not commit 100% to your raid times. I will have 100% attendance and don’t mind overtime to start a tier or to finish it out. My availability is between 8PM - 12 AM Central on weekdays. Weekends and Sunday are not an option for me. Would prefer 9 hour week raids.

Horde Only! Mal’Ganis is a big plus.

Bnet: Joschmo#1659
Discord: Joschmo#6420

still lookin

Hi there,

I noticed you were looking for a guild! & our schedules and ideals line up pretty nicely.

Cracked 10/10HC is newly formed by some long time friends and new ones who are looking to start Mythic progression, we have a pretty relaxed environment and are always trying to have fun but progress.
We run Mythic+ and PVP nearly every day and have RBG nights.

We raid Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 - 11pm CST with an alternative day on Saturday.

We would love to have you try out if you are interested!
You can contact me on Discord or reply here if you would like to chat.

My Discord is; jinx ☾⋆。˚⋆#5792

Hey Joschmo. Our guild is 6/10M and were looking for expectational DPS that are looking to push for CE. If your interested check us out:

3/10M AOTC Castle Recruiting. Community of fun friendly people who like to shoot the shiit but get serious on boss fights. Seeking DPS Melee / Ranged Tues & Thurs 8:30pm-11:30pm EST…

Add me on Bnet Hellspawnxxx#1904

Hey! Benched is a really good guild. I’ve been in this guild since first patch of Legion. I’ve been playing wow since release and have never found a guild like this. It’s a bunch of people who became real good friends from just playing together for years. We are currently 10/10H and are wanting to do Mythic. We have really great players, but just can’t seem to get 20 people. Maybe around 15 people every week. Raid times are T/W 7-10pm PST, but a lot of us do +s outside of that. There are several parents in the guild too so we all get that we have priorities elsewhere sometimes. Hit me up. Would love to have you. LentilStew#11244

Hello, I am recruiting for [H][Mal’Ganis]. We are currently 10/10 H 4/10 M and looking for good dps as we push further into Mythic Castle Nathria.

Discord: kw#1438
Bnet: Blank#1192