220 Brewmaster Monk LF EST guild 3/10M Old Ex Hardcore raider

Not going to make some extra crazy post and going to be down to the point

Starting a new job and current guilds time does not work out any longer and I need to get back on the early EST start time. I’m going to be working 8 to 4 EST So can’t stay up super late raiding anymore

Currently 3/10 mythic, but did play 21st man for my guild for Sunking to help them get the kill. And we did quite a few good pulls on Lady and almost had her.

I’ve got a lot of raid experiences over the year I’ve been in top 100 us guilds and raided hardcore for a while and just want to see progression and have a life now.

I’ve done things like
Server First Grand Crusader in ToGC
11/12 0 buff ICC
Firelord pre pre nerf

CE Ghuun
CE Xavius
And alot more.

Most of my raiding experience was on my DK but, Blood isn’t the greatest this expansion so far and honestly fell in love with brewmaster I’m wanting to stay on it.

I would like to stay alliance but will listen to both sides.

lets chat!
JGussey#1719 Btag
JGussey#4713 Discord

Hey Zeaa!

Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is coming back from the ashes of taking a break and looking to clear heroic and mythic. We are currently looking for more members to fill out our Roster.

If you are interested in a good group of players who have gotten CE in multiple expansions then this guild is for you!

we are located on Lightbringer, Alliance faction.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us!

Bnet - Goldfish#1198
Discord - Goldfish#7851

Bnet - Ninjaspace#1577
Discord -ninjaXpope#0788

Hi Zeaa!

Here’s a bit of info.

Slash Pull Five is a horde progression guild located on the Thunderhorn server connected to Agamaggan, Archimonde, Blade’s Edge, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, Kargath, Norgannon, and The Underbog. Originally an Alt guild, that soon became a progression raiding guild formed by founding members from hardcore raiding backgrounds, including some CE Experience. We are a solid, tight knit team of like minded players who desire to raid efficiently and enjoyably. Although fairly new guild to this xPac, we have manage to clear Heroic Nathria in a respectable amount of time with Ahead of the Curve in 2 weeks after first seeing H Sire. Guild is meant to be a casual, laid back atmosphere, where players can feel comfortable and make friends.

We raid Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:30-11:00PM EST, and we will never go past 11:00PM.


Recruitment is open and we are looking for players with some experience in Heroic Nathria or have some some raiding background. We are looking for players whom can listen and adjust during fights, but also have a laid back, positive attitude.

Current needs:


2 Main Spots, 1 Back up


Resto Druid
2 Back ups (any class)


Unholy Dk
WW Monk
Warrior (Arms / Fury)
Any Classes


(2) Balance Druid
Shadow Priest

To Apply: Contact our GM Sairys#11858. Or Discord: Sairysdraconis#1534

Hi Zeaa! If open to off spec, I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Thanks for the replay. I can dps if I really have to but really prefer to tank. DPS gives me too much anxiety lol

Bumping Im here all day to chat

Bumping still around all day :smiley:

(One Shot Is Never Enough) Bleeding Hollow Looking to Grow our Mythic Team 3/10M Tue/ Thurs 9est to 11:30. RBG’S on the weekend and 3rd raid night every other week Mon.
Returning Players and casual Players welcome. Need Mage , War & Flex DPS/5thHealer. Battle.net Fenadorm#1793

Bumping! still around! lets talk!

Hi if you have a ww spec, we are a 5/10M guild looking for a WW. We raid from 8-11 pm EST hopefully thats not too late.

Thats the perfect time, But I honestly dont know enough about windwalker to raid with it. I mean i know enough to not press the same button twice, and I have the legendary for it.

Its super easy and there’s no pressure since they got nerfed into the ground, if you are interested add me at scampo#1959

Hey, I’m part of we’re an alliance guild on Stormrage! We are look for a tank :slight_smile:

Currently our guild is 4/10M with kills on shriek, hunts, hungering, and Inerva. We are very close to our 5/10M with 92% on kaelthas!

We raid on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9pm to 12am est. I know you said earlier the better, but I’ll try and shoot my shot lol

More about our guild:
We just formed this xpac so we’re focused on forming a solid team of raiders but we hope to still achieve or get close to CE this tier. On non raid nights we have people run m+ throughout the week. We are a chill group of people who care about raiding and progressing.

My discord and bnet are:

Let’s talk more and see if our guild is a good fit for you :slight_smile:

Oof didn’t comment with my main

Thanks for the comment but that’s sadly a little to late

Evening Zeaa,

Obvious Immortalis Plug is a fairly new guild on Stormrage with a focus on heroic raiding and keys, we are raiding Friday nights 9pm eastern (will move to Fri/Sat with new content), guild is sitting at 6/10 with a core of players who came from a 2/10M guild.

We are shooting for an enjoyable atmosphere that focuses up when bosses have to die so we can get our AOTC every tier, also trying to get a shameless mention on Taliesen’s channel.

If you’re interested give me a shout on disc, yabigchoob#1967


Still looking! And around

Bnet: JGussey#1719
Discord: JGussey#4713

Sent discord request- would love to chat :slight_smile:

Working on M+ so I’m still around!