220 10/10H Brewmaster lf guild

Hello! I am looking for an active guild that is starting out on mythic prog, I am also around 1100 io if M+ is your side jam.

My times are flexible and I am willing to transfer, I would prefer alliance also.

Hi Lanndark! If open to an off spec, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Hey! We are 3/10M looking for a tank for progression. Btag: Engage#1375. Would love to chat with you more.

Hey Land, I’m with Personality on the Dalaran server, we are AoTC and 3/10M, due to personal reason we have lost one of our MTs and are in search of someone who is willing to progress with us in hope of CE or at least as far as we can go. Our raid times are Tues/Fri 7pm EST to 10pm EST, we have active M+ and PvP. if this sounds like something you might be interested in, we need a tank ASAP!

bnet: #NerdRage12235

Hello there!

Our guild is still looking to finish out heroic and (re)start Mythic progression so I think we’d be a great fit. We’re not well established yet so if thats not your jam, no worries!

I am a part of guild “Ardent” on Stormrage [A]. We are a pretty fresh guild, but the main 7-8 core players are 2/10 M, +1400 IO, 215+ ilvl (progressed in old guild). We are creating this guild to be AOTC-first then achieve some mythic progression. Not advertising as a CE guild, but if it happens then great! A lot of us do M+ throughout the week as well. We will be clearing heroic (8/10H currently) for a couple weeks until we get a roster so it’d be a perfect time to trial!

Requirements: 18 years of age, players with a good game sense, attitude, open minded, and willingness to learn. We are just look to have fun and play the game at mythic raid level.

Our raid times are T/TH 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST

Bnet: Snabic#1341
Discord: Snabic#8534

Hey man, our guild (A) The Keep - Vek’nilash is recruiting and we need some dedicated tanks to continue progression! We are 10/10H, and keen on starting mythic progression but our biggest downfall right now is a lack of bodies and tanks who can commit to raid attendance. We raid Fridays and Sundays from 7-10 pm pacific time. If we sound like a good fit for you, you can message me on Discord or on WoW.

Disc: Cursive (Restored)#8692
Bnet: Cursive#11842

Hey Hey Landark,

Lemme refer you to Cohortes Praetoriae

We just downed Sire on Heroic and are now intent on moving to Mythic. We raid W/Th 9pm to midnight CST – but we’ve also got a strong lot pushing keys and looking for more who want to join us in the dungeons.

The guild is that right mix of chill and understanding people who are serious about improvement, advancing content, and getting good.

Lemme tell you a little story about who we are. Our guild came to a crossroads a few weeks ago. As a full raid team we weren’t getting through Sire. We had a group of 6 friends within our core team who were - admittedly – among our strongest players. A tank, two healers, and two of our top four DPS. After a bunch of wipes, they demanded the … lesser-able members of the Raid be kicked so that “the guild” (meaning they) could progress. We capitulated to that request that night … they still didn’t get through Sire … but the next day we said never again. We were going to make it together or not at all. That core group of six left that day. But two weeks later we finished Sire off on our own terms, as a guild, “inferior” players and all.

^^ that little story, to me, tells best who we are.

We’re intent on building a team that endures. This isn’t some temporary waystation for tryhards. This is a “home” for quality people. If that sounds about right to you, I hope you’ll reach out.

To give you a sense of my own story, not that long ago I was an orc. Been horde for a decade. Then I started talking to this dwarf named Sloppi. You know what I was thinking? Ally. Sargeras. Scum of the earth. Now, having run with 'em a little while, I might still call them scum of the earth. but they’d just laugh. Bunch of F’in pirates, really, for all that the guild name is some Roman honorific. I haven’t regretted my transfer since.

It’s slightly outdated, but here’s a link to our (more official) recruitment post: 9/10H Looking for Ranged DPS to round out 20 man roster! W/Th 9-midnight CST/ST! - Sargeras - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

If you have any interest, I can answer questions you might have, or I’d refer you to the aforementioned Sloppi, who does most of our recruiting and is way better at it than I am:

Contact Sloppi on:

Discord - fiikfiic#1242 (that’s four i’s)

Battlenet - fiikfiic#1815

I hope we hear from you, and good luck. There are tons of great guilds out there and I hope you find the right one for you.


Hey Landark my guild is 4/10M and raids 12AM to 3AMA PST Weds+ Fri. Add me and let’s chat on disc Ftramza#2488.