218 Boom/Bear - 216 Rogue LFG

Reavers Had One Job is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild on US-Ysera/Durotan Alliance that is centered around fully clearing content while it is current.

We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it’s available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team; that involves:

  • Attending virtually all the raids

  • Having stable computers and internet connections

  • Min/maxing

  • Bringing consumables

  • Making sure you are up to date on all your classes’ developments, as well as the game’s developments and upcoming changes

Current Progression in Shadowlands:

4/10M & 10/10H

Raid Times:

8:00PM – 11:00PM EST Tuesday and Wednesday


Exceptional players

We’re a very active guild, even outside of raids. Guild Members constantly organizing Alt runs, Mythic+ groups, PvP/Arena, etc.

We are all friends, and we keep a respectful atmosphere when we play with each other. If you believe all of this applies to you, and you would like to be a part of our team, feel free to apply.

If you would like to apply, please click the link below. All applications are private.


Contact Information:

Taroxz (Discord: Tarox#0729)

Hello! Im very interested in you and your rogue friend. Please take time to read over our recruitment post and if you feel we could be a fit, please reach out to us! Thanks!

10/10h - 4/10m
Raid: Weds/Thurs 7-9:30PM CST Mandatory for Mythic Raiders on the Mythic prog team.
Optional raid day: Tues 7-9:30PM CST (Mythic reclear/farm)
Off nights: Currently working on KSM in mythic+ for the guild. With recent valor changes, this is quite important.
We have several 2100+ arena players as well as a few gladiators.

We are looking for a few more talented players for our mythic progression team. Currently 1 night into Lady prog @ 29% Best pull. We are also very interested in Mythic+ players that just need a chill home to hangout in and meet people. Maybe you might step into Mythic raiding.

We have a solid core group of players that are fantastic! We strive for a positive guild environment and we will not tolerate anything less. We have a firm rule we stand by that the best 20 go during progression. This is not meant to be a negative thing, but we need players to understand this. Our main goal in this guild is for the guild itself to progress. You must have this same mindset and hopefully strive to be one of the best 20. With our relaxed raid schedule, it’s important that we are efficient with our time, show up promptly, and are ready for quick pulls. Researching fights, having 90% attendance, and performing your role exceptionally are requirements to be on the Mythic raid team. We have several players within the guild that are completely fine being on the bench as they cannot commit to raiding every single week and or raid day. We love having these types of players within the guild as this can be very helpful in absence of a raider. We highly welcome more of these players and we actively bring them in on mythic farm bosses and even progression bosses if needed.

Will consider any class and spec. We recruit the player not the class. Please have logs available upon request. We prefer a voice interview in discord for all that are interested.

Those should apply if any of the following describe you:

  1. You are interested in raiding with a serious, relaxed, and mannered Mythic progression team that takes raiding serious but wants to have fun while doing so.
  2. You want to be part of a small community within a guild doing daily activities of M+ / PvP and of course raiding. We still actively do heroic clears on off nights and all are welcome! We also bring in players that may not be on the current progression roster to our Mythic farm bosses.
  3. You are trying to get into mythic raiding and you want to be surrounded by good players that are currently progressing in Mythic to learn from and or work your way up to earn a spot yourself. You must be self motivated for this.
  4. You are currently a performing M+ player looking for others to push keys with and maybe you would like to get some mythic kills here and there.
  5. You can’t commit to raiding the same days every week, but you still want to down some of the content each tier. We value bench players and you will get play time!

If interested, Contact our recruiting officer Dom or myself. Thankyou.

Discord: TheRealRyan#1044
Bnet: Ryan#1397

Recruitment officer
Discord: Domincela#6066
Bnet: Domincela#1800

I feel like SEVEN would be a great fit for you guys. Our Raids end at 12pm EST. We are already underway into mythic @ 2/10, we are horde and we are an adult only guild with the avg age probably around 28-35 most of us having full time jobs/family so we understand RL comes first.

Here is what our recruitment post says.

S E V E N a Horde guild on Detheroc is looking to fill out its ranks for mythic raiding to push as far into mythic progression as possible.

About S E V E N

  • We are a former server first guild up till WoD (lets be honest WoD sucked) that was formed in Vanilla.
  • We are an adult only guild and do not accept anyone under 18+ and prefer our players even older than that
  • Our leadership is made of older players that have raided on and off since Vanilla always at a server first level.

What you can expect from us

  • Our raiding schedule is casual our game play is not
  • We have always had a saying “Don’t waste everyone else’s time” you can expect us to know both fight and class mechanics going into raids.
  • NO DRAMA. Most of us have our own kids in real life and don’t want to deal with others kids in game. This is an escape for us and the last thing we want is drama. It won’t be discussed it will just be removed.
  • Understanding. We get that RL pops up. Kids get sick, work demands become overwhelming, etc. Just let us know ahead of time if possible so we can make changes if need be (part of the don’t waste everyone’s time motto)

What do we expect of you

  • Be a decent human being. There is enough crap going on in the world today don’t be bringing any into the guild or game.
  • Competent players who are willing to get involved with all aspects of the guild
  • Preparedness. We expect you to come with consumables and a basic knowledge of the content we will be pushing.
  • Communication. RL pop up? Having issues with a mechanic, guildie, or something else in game. Let us know. We believe that communication is crucial in all aspects of what we do.


  • Tues/Thurs 8:30pm to 11pm CST.
  • Mon is an optional raid night for what ever.

That said we are a group that likes to have fun and keep things on the lighter side and some of us have been friends now for going on 15+ years.


  • Any good dps or healer. We have 0 rogues…just saying.

I’m looking for competent players who can perform but swinging a big #'s isn’t the main thing I’m looking for (doesn’t hurt trust me). I want me and the rest of my guild to enjoy playing with each other and that is the most important aspect I’m looking for in recruits.

Battletag: Drochdeo#1237
Discord: Drochdeo#6966

Looking forward to meeting of you.

Uh. Nothing special here, really. We just need DPS for our 9/10 N raid team. On Moon Guard, Alliance. We are p friendly people who just want to raid and kill sh*t. We do require discord tho. I just posted my guild ad in the forum and linked it above.

Weird flex, I suppose, but we have 2 of the top 10 pvp ppl on the server. One of them competes in world pvp championships. The other flex is that the voice of Anduin did a cameo for us! I would love for Draka’s voice to do one, next, but i think we have The Guild in mind.

Hi Stormz! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


Vengeful is in need of more Heroic Raid minded ladies and gentlemen to join our Shadowlands Raid team. Stormrage - Alliance.

We are currently looking for all Dps classes

About Us:
Many of us have previous hardcore progression and Mythic raiding experience from various raid tiers or expansions. While currently working through Heroic content we have plans to try to go dabble into Mythic if we solidify the core 20 people.

The pertinent information:
We are on Stormrage (Server Transfer is not immediately required)We are 10/10 N 5/10 H. We raid Thursday,Friday,Saturday: Pulling at 7:00 p.m. Est and going until (the latest) 10 p.m. EST. Additional We use Discord. If you need to leave early due to Real Life than that is fine or if you cannot make it to raid please let one of the Officers/GM know.
What we offer:
Enchants, gems, food, flasks and pots can be created by our Master Craftsmen, often for just the materials. We provide Flasks and Feasts, we will expect you to have enchants, gems, pots, seals and augment runes before we begin the raid. We are helpful and constructive - if you need something we can get it or help you get it. We love innovation, we love pushing the limits, we love working together as a team. We are fun and quirky, sometimes we have to be serious but we are always working to improve and most importantly we are here to have fun.

What we want from you:
Being able to raid 3 days a week for 3 hours a day, preferably Thurs/Friday/Saturday 7pm - 10:00pm Server (ET). Your best, fully optimized, best stats ever DPS set cannot be below 195 gear score (ilevel). Be on time, be prepared, have current knowledge of your class and of the boss encounters. Understand directions and be able to carry out assignments. Have previous raid or mythic + dungeon experience and/or you can play at a competent and competitive level. Be able to take constructive and friendly criticism to improve and play better. Be able to maintain a mature demeanor during raids while having a sense of humor during stressful situations ex, Wipes, loot distribution, disconnects.
We are experienced raiders who like to clear content and have fun. We all have full lives outside of the game and looking for more of the same minded folks to join our Team. We understand life happens and being part of a team that won’t drop you is very important.

You can reach me in Discord at Night#5956
You can also add me on Battlenet: NightKnight#1159389

Thanks for reading and your time,

Check us out! My Discord is JGoose92#0123 if you want to talk or have any questions!

Far Beyond Insanity on Stormrage is currently recruiting DPS.

Progression: 2/10 mythic

Schedule T/W/Th 9-Midnight EST.

Guild has a good strong foundation. Currently rebuild after being gone nearly 3 years. Off to an excellent start with new team.

If interested contact …
Btag: Krazy#1922
Discord Krazy#6618

Hi Stormz,

Homie Hoppers (Alliance-Stormrage) is currently looking for a couple of DPS for our newly formed weekend raid - raid times 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Friday/Saturday. Led by 2-day 8/10M raiders, we are looking to fill out our roster with solid players to kill some mythic bosses while maintaining a fun & relaxed non-toxic atmosphere. This team is currently 3/10M with Sun King almost down.

If interested, please fill out our brief application at https://forms.gle/SpHnJr7h4zgcX7cj9 or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Bnet (Reagan#11656).

I think we’d be a decent fit if the times works!

Strategic Miscalculation is looking for more players!

We’ve been together for three years and are made up of some friendly, helpful, fun players. We do it all from raiding/M+/pet battle/pvp/mount collection/achievement runs. We have the most generous Guild Lead you’ll meet.

M+: Can always use more people in the evening to run M+, we have all level types, some of us pushing 17-18’s and some of us in the 5’s still learning and everything between.

Raid: We have 2 raid teams

Wed/Sun 9-11 pm server (CST) is a casual AOTC team for people who don’t want to stress the little things but want to kill bosses. Looking for DPS. Current progress is 7/10 Heroic.

Fri/Sat 8-11 pm server (CST) is a progression focused team that goes into mythic with the intent to have fun while still moving forward in mythic raiding. Looking for DPS and one healer. Half the team stopped raiding shortly after getting AOTC, before leaving we were 2/10 M.

If you are still new (or just coming back) and learning we are a great fit, or if you are an old wow player and are just looking for a fun home to push high content with, we’d be a great fit too. Please reach out to myself on Btag or Discord to ask more questions if you have any.

Bnet: Vin#12877
Discord: Vin#7832

Hello I;m from the guild Overtuned on Zul’jin horde and we’re looking for more raiders to fill out lost members do to burnout. We are currently 10/10H CN and out goal is to be AOTC for ever raid and get some mythic kills.

We raid Thursday/Friday 7-10pm EST.

If you’re interested or want to ask questions PM me on discord Archmage Galacius#1482 or Btag Imperious#11797

My guild might be a good fit for you if you are interested in heroic/mythic raiding. We are currently progressing on mythic, but also run heroic cn on tuesdays.

{Grey Parses}[A][Aerie Peak]

We are a semi-hardcore/casual guild with a focus on raiding and M+. Current progression is AOTC and 2/10 mythic. Our goal is to get AOTC every patch, as well as mythic progression. We ask players to focus up during progression raids, but outside of that, we try to maintain a laid back, and friendly atmosphere.

Raid Schedule
Mythic CN raid times are 8-11pm est. Wednesdays and Thursdays. Currently 2/10 mythic.
We have also recently started running Heroic CN on Tuesdays from 8-11pm est.

Mythic +
No hard set schedule, but several of our guildies run on off days, or after raids. Many players either have or are pushing for KSM.

If you are interested in talking more, just send a message my way.

Bnet: ragelord7#1635

Discord: Kel#1287

Hey if you’d be interested in a startup aimed at CE. Please let me know!

Potency is a newly formed team looking to builds a semi-hardcore atmosphere and push into CE. We would love to bring on like-minded folks who want to avoid the 2-3 “carries” in their raids and have mutual respect for the other folks’ skillset and attitudes within their raid. If you fit that mold, we would love to hear from you!

Abous Us

was founded by 2 long-time raiders who wanted to avoid routine carries in semi-casual groups. The goal is to push for CE and to improve tier over tier. Both of us are multi-top 50 players historically and have been on this game since release in 2004. Leadership has been running guilds for upwards of a decade now.

Recruitment Needs

  • 1 Tank (You should be a tank’s tank. Looking for someone who can play multiple tank classes within a meta to fit the needs of progression)

  • R DPS (Specifically looking for Ele, S.Priest, Mage, Lock, Chicken)

  • Heals (Non-Priest)


Raid Times

Tues/Thurs: 7:30-10:30 CST



Build a CE roster over the next raid tier and aim for a top 500 WW position in the long haul. This is a new guild. Be prepared to build a roster with us.

Contact Info (GM)

BNET: Ekye#11711
DISCORD: Ekyu#3966

Im an officer for Scapegoats we are 10/10H and we are filling out our progression roster LF DPS . Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 8:30 -11:30 EST. We also PvP, run M+ and play other games as a group. PST for more info.

bnet - Counterbob#11400
discord - Counterbob#5716

One Hundred Proof-Sargeras (10/10H) (6/10M) is recruiting several positions for Mythic Progression into Castle Nathria. Raid Times are Tues/Wed @ 8:30-11:30p CST. We are also raiding Heroic (Optional) on Sundays @ 8PM CST.

One Hundred Proof has returned to mythic progression raiding. We are excited about our current progression and are optimistic of what the future will bring.

One Hundred Proof offers a non-toxic community full of dedicated people who share a common appreciation for downing bosses. We have many players that have been playing together since Legion where we were a top 20 guild on Sargeras. One Hundred Proof has been around for quite some time. We have a strong sense of community, with a ZERO drama policy. Come join our group to find out more.

Mythic raiding experience for CN is appreciated but is not required. We are mostly looking for competent players who have raided mythic in the past, are able to learn at a quick pace, and who research and study the fights prior to progression.

Although we only raid two times a week, One Hundred Proof has always tried to do the best we can with the time we are given. This means we are looking for players who are relatively independent in terms of researching fights, gearing up toons, and basically doing everything you can (within reason) to prepare for raid.

You can apply directly on our guild website ( onehundredguild.com/apply), whisper Weirdidan-Sargeras or add Weirdman#1631 for questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Hello Stormz! Salt Room [H][Arthas] is looking for a few DPS to finish out our Mythic roster. :smiley: We are 2/10M with solid progress on Hungering. We would love to have the both of you!

Ties/Thurs 8-11PM Est.

About Our Guild

We are a laid-back guild that strives to down content without the pressures of CE and min/maxing. We consist of competent players that don’t have huge egos. lol A lot of us have been there and done that and just want to step-down from that push-life.

What Were Looking For
We are in need of 1-2 DPS and are willing to help gear the right player! We also are always looking for casual players!

We provide all raid materials such as feasts, potions and flasks. We help all of our raiders get their 14+ in weekly for their 226 vault loot.

Overall, we are a close-knit guild that includes everyone. We are always interested in finding new people to play with and would love to chat!

AnnieMinaj#1591 - Feel free to add me if we sound like a good fit or if you just want a new friend! xD

Let’s chat!

< Soup or Guild > is a newly established Horde on Area-52 recruiting for Mythic level content.

We are currently 5/10M, our goal is to clear as much content as possible this tier, and maintain Cutting Edge going forward. Guild leadership and many of our raid team have a strong history of achieving Cutting Edge and similar progress on end game bosses from vanilla through BFA.

We raid strictly 6-hours a week each Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm-12am server time (EST). Given our aspirations and light schedule, we are seeking raiders who understand the importance of attendance and preparation.

While we will gladly speak to all exceptional applicants regardless of need, we are currently focusing recruitment on the following classes:
Melee DPS: 1 Death Knight
Ranged DPS: 1 Boomkin
Healer: n/a
Tank: n/a

Most of our raiders run multiple keys on mains and alts, so you will likely find other players willing to do Mythic Plus content of varying difficulty throughout the week. We also sometimes do Rated Battlegrounds on Friday evenings and are seeking more players interested in PVP content.

If you’re interested in joining us or learning more, feel free to reply here or contact us:
Liger#11271 on Bnet
Liger#5309 on Discord
zak#4618 on Discord

Hello Størmz

vècnä Raid leader from Sixth SensE here, were currently looking to fill roaster slots with strong friendly promenade raiders for this horde based guild. Sixth SensE has long history in the game. Sixth SensE is currently 10/10 Normal and 1/10 heroic.

were a very family friendly guild, looking for friendly people looking to push into castle nathria, pvp, mount farm & hangout watch movies in discord with guildies.

Raid Schedual
Heroic: tue-wed-thus 9pm-12pm CST or illidan server time.
Normal Saturday 9-12pm for newer player guildies

we might not be the perfect fit your looking for, but you will always feel welcomed & the guild will feel like a home.

if you find any of this interesting or want to know more please feel free to send me a friend request
b-net# kaletheale#1265

is looking for raiders to fill its roster for Mythic Content-Horde! Currently 10/10H & 5/10M Raiding on Tues, Wed 8:30pm -11:00pm EST both nights. Looking for any of these following classes to help fill the mythic roster. We are looking for 1 Druid/ Disc Priest healer and quality DPS. We are looking for individuals who want to push content, looking for those that understand mechanics and know their class, needing those that brush up on fights and research their classes/role. We are based on Zul’jin-Horde, in which we are looking towards forming a second raid team as well. So, if you are interested in either main raid team or second team let us know! The guild is also searching for those interested in pushing PVP, and Mythic keys, and casual players accepted also! High demand currently for any TANKS/HEALERS in the basis of keys, most guildies 1k+ io willing to push keys. If interested add any of the following Btags for review:

GM - Hiddentroll#12347
Recruitment Lead - MarkWallBang#1894
Recruitment - Algodeath#1656

Thank you,