214 Spriest 202 R Shammy LF guild both CE exp

Looking for new guild for the two of us. Both CE exped. Looking to stay on Mal. Raid times 8PM EST or later (no later then 1am end time)

Spriest - Dejimerate
Shammy - Ashquake

Looking for guild into mythic.

Battletag: Dejimerate#1273

[H] Shady Acres - 1/10M - LF TANK/HEAL/DPS - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Could use both - his us up if you’re interested

Still looking. Now 10/10H 2/10M Looking for home :smiley:

Anima Gang is currently looking to bolster our ranks for Castle Nathria. If you are looking for an enjoyable guild that strives for success then we may be good for you.

We are currently accepting and in search of all well geared and skilled players to add to our raiding crew, however there are a few particular classes in higher demand which include:
Blood DK
Enh Shaman/Ele Shaman
Demon Hunter Dps
All classes are welcome to apply this list dose not mean we are not interested.

Raid Times

During progression you must be available 9 PM - Midnight EST, Monday - Tuesday.

You must understand your class well.
You must be prepared to use potions and flasks on every raid.
You must show good attitude toward members of the guild.

How to Apply

Contact in game:Kashdk/Kashp- Bodankey- Lunkdk- Fatalrush/Opulentt- Holytacò

We are looking for a few good players to fill our roster out pushing for CE! Please consider us…
Mal’Ganis, Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-11 EST

Currently 2/10M though most of us have 3/10M

We are a group of great players and like-minded individuals that enjoy each other’s company while raiding together. We are all committed to downing the hardest content Blizzard releases while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. On off-nights, the guild is still fairly active in game and out. There are always people online running Mythic+ and alt runs. If you’re looking for a guild to have a lot of fun with while killing content on a constant schedule, then is the guild for you!

Mythic Recruitment Needs

Tank * Closed

DPS * UH DK + Ranged

Healer * Any Exceptional Healer

We never add extra days, even on the first week of a raid tier. We also rarely go over time.

What We Expect From You:

  • Be active. This is a community that lives on people who enjoy playing together

  • Maintain your main’s personal progression whether it be through Dailies or ilvl

  • Be exceptional at your class while correctly performing mechanics

  • Be able to take criticism

  • Be willing to give feedback

What You Can Expect:

  • An active roster of guildies that run plenty of M+ groups

  • A ton of gambling and jokes between pulls

  • A laid back raiding schedule that clears content within a reasonable time frame

  • Optional raids for alts/friends

Apply Now:

Feel free to contact our recruitment officers for more information if you have questions you need to ask before applying.