213 9/10H Resto Sham LF Guild

Looking for a guild who’s got 9/10 of heroic CN on farm or further and ends raid by 11pm Est (I am on Atlantic time, an hour ahead of eastern, it is the worst). Logs for this character are under Drwatterz - Bleeding Hollow (missing some logs due to a name change unfortunately, but all bosses still have multiple logs, all the colors of the rainbow in those parses). Previous guild lost interest in progression this tier after beginning with a very promising start, I don’t quite feel ready to stop yet though. Would prefer a roster closer to 20 people. Pretty opened minded, chill, middle aged Dad. If you need someone who’s slightly above average and knows what they’re doing, look no further, I also come well equipped with sarcastic snipes and witty banter.

We are very much alike in this sense we should chat gilga2k#1922

Hey watterz, I’m recruiting for Insatiable’s team 2 (10/10 H, 2/10 M). We raid on Mondays and Thursdays from 8-11 PM EST. Would love to chat with you some if you’re interested in the team. My discord tag is BigMadDad#8886. Look forward to hearing from ya!

TO add more info to my post we raid tues/thurs 8-11 PM EST optional monday raid 8-11 PM EST we run keys in offtime have fun a lot of us are of the older variety and we just like to get stuff done but in a relaxed sort of way.

Anyways once again please add gilga2k#1922

Hi Watterz,

You sound like our kind of people! Check us out and please reach out if you’re interested in hearing more =) GL in your searches! Hope to speak with you soon.