212 Outlaw rogue with a alt 200 Unholy dk (willing to main) Looking for guild 1/10M EXP

Looking for Mythic Raiding guild on either toons! Reply here or add me for more inquiry!


<Style> Sargeras 4/10M LF Warlock, DH, RDPS and Healers apps in the forum post goodluck on your search!

PoppashotTV#7397 is also my discord tag

About Us. :slight_smile:
This guild came to fruition after a couple of friends wanted a fun raiding experience while also being competitive. We are currently building a mythic roster for CN with just a few spots left. We are located on Bleeding Hollow /horde

Raid Times
Wednesday & Thursday
10:00pm - 2:00am EST

10/10 Normal
9/10 Heroic

What We Want From Our Raiders
-Great Attendance
-Friendly Attitude
-Knowledge of Encounters
-Raid Awareness

Trial period lasts 4-6 raid nights. Afterwards, Officers will assess overall performance. Trial periods may be extended in certain cases.

We are currently in need of :
Tank: Prot Pally
Healers: Closed
Ranged and Melee: Closed/1 WW Monk or UH DK (Open to outstanding applicants)

We are currently looking for members to perfect our mythic roster.

Required Add-ons:
DBM or BigWigs

If interested message Asuna#9953 on discord

will check ya out

Sup boss,

Check us out :slight_smile:

will check it out