210 Spriest looking for heroic guild

Hello, I’m the recruitment officer of “The Expedition” a Horde based guild on Thrall , we are currently 2/10 M and 10/10 H. We formed towards the back end of BFA with the goals of progressing Mythic during Shadowlands. Our raid schedule is T/Th from 8 pm - 11 pm EST.We are currently in search of DPS to fill our main raid team. So we can further progress into Mythic CN and in preparation for patch 9.1.

In Game: Masharu, BNET:YungJeezy#1658, or Discord: Husbando Childe#5132.

Hey Vaccine,

Obvious Immortalis Plug are a newly formed Alliance guild on Stormrage and are setting up an AOTC raid team for this and future tiers. We are creating a fun enjoyable atmosphere that still pushes content in raid, mythic plus and grouping together for torghast.

We were formed by a core of raiders who already have AOTC and wanted to switch over from horde to the fun side of the game!

Raid times will most likely be Fri/Sat at 9pm eastern, if you’re interested or have any questions give me a shout on disc, yabigchoob#1967


Hi Väccine,

We do heroics! 9/10H so far. We also are looking to start mythic raiding. I’m not sure if that’s something you are interested in. Just know that we are not a CE guild given our reduced raiding schedule of only 5 hrs/week on Wednesday and Sundays 8:30p-11:00p EST. However, we’d like to see how far we can go before new content is released and we’re back in normal and heroics.

We also have a very friendly guild atmosphere. We strive to help one another, investing in team work while also keeping up with real life responsibilities. We have jobs, children, etc along with a love for the game. We are looking for more people who share our goals. If we sound like a good fit, then please reach out to our GM: Shadizar on Stormrage (Shadizar#1464). Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey! my guild is starting mythic progression and is in need of DPS to round out our 20-man roster. Hit me up on discord if you are interested and I can give you more details. funkeoto#8862

Hi Väccine- SOS is a Horde guild on Area 52. We are AOTC oriented and we raid Saturday nights 8.30 eastern. We run a variety of activities on other nights outside of raids. We value our time but also our community. Please add me if this interests you and we can chat further. My btag is Nettie#1867 and Nettie#2211 on discord.


I have a new guild on Illidan Horde if you’re interested. DLARES#1711 if u wanna chat

Hey there Väccine! If you’re still looking for a guild, I’d like to offer Morally Grey on Wyrmrest Accord, as we may be a fit for you. We’re a guild that’s focused on Heroic raiding with a big interest in M+ and could definitely use a Shadow Priest for both, especially one who plays Disc too. We also welcome cross-server raiders.

We raid from 9pm EST to 12am EST on Thurs/Sun, with an optional Alt Night Raid on Tues nights for Normal Castle Nathria, just for fun. We’re currently 9/10 H progressing on late P3 of Sire. If you’d like more info, feel free to message me on BattleTag at Brynhildr#11685! Hope you have a great day.

Casually Dysfunctional of Seraph is recruiting like minded, exceptional raiders for our team who will be a good fit for our progression and help others strive to be better as well. Our current level of progression is 9/10H for Castle Nathria.

We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST. We are a newer raid team in Seraph and are currently composed of a group of friends and co-workers with a more relaxed and casual attitude in raid. Our aim is to have fun while improving our skills and progressing through the raid more specifically at a Heroic setting. Our Goal is to achieve AOTC achievement throughout all content. If time permits and our raid team is ready to take on the challenge, we will aim for mythic raiding sometime down the road. If you have any questions, feel free to message XmandevilX#1815.
Our recruitment information can be found at www.seraphguild. com/recruitment