210 Shadow Priest / Or CAN Heal Horde

Can do either or looking for a main spot .
I’m 41 Years Old playing in my man cave.
I Live in Florida I work long days
My Raid Times are 730pm-10pm est any night i Have discord dont let my lack of kills fool you i am just a new player and cant seem to find home give me a try you wont be sorry :slight_smile:

add me battlenet Frogystyle#11647

Howdy Sattanish.

I sent you a BTag invite, I’m Hanelore#1243. Wanted to see if we’d be a fit for you, but prefer to chat in Discord or over BTag.


I am from WDBM a horde guild on Illidan and we are recruiting for are second heroic AOTC team. They currently raid 7-10EST Tuesday/Thursday and are 8/10H.

Feel free to follow the instructions to apply on discord using this code if interested: h5yZVMx

I might have what you are looking for. Hit me in Escaflownae#1845 or in-game at “Zsari-Zul’jin”.

snagged a lfr log tonight dont mean crap but i ranked 10 on 2 fights and 12 on another i can mash buttons … hmu people

Hi Sattanish,

We have an immediate opening for you if you’re willing to heal. Please add me if you’re interested. Jaystir#1960 - bnet Jaystir#1204 Discord

Hunting Hour H Zul’jin is a midcore 9/10H 1/10 M raiding guild looking to push further into mythic raids in Shadowlands. We prog heroic until AOTC, then push into mythic as far as we’re able.

We also run keys constantly throughout the week, and we’ll be looking to have as many people capable of running M+ at a high level.

Raid times are:


Looking for a few dps to bolster our ranks. Prefer ranged dps.

Including logs is a BIG plus, even if you only have heroic parses. We’re looking for good players willing to learn and get better, not necessarily highly experienced players (though they are welcome as well).

Message me or one of the officers on discord if you are interested.

Preferred - Jorichon#3098

Looking for a holy/Shadow priest for our raid team Saturday morning 9am to 1pm est one day a week check us out

Kargath server alliance guild. We are RL friends and laid back but progression type, we have some FL guys in the guild as well, we raid sat and sun 8pm EST till 11pm. if you wanna talk more about it add me. Tavolas#11261