210 10/10H HPriest LF guild

Looking for guild wanting to push content, has a good community, key pushing and raiding. Add for more info.
Btag: Ishtaldea#1366

Sent a request. Would love to chat.

Added you on disc if you are still interested.

1/10M 10/10H , 2 nights a week sun/mon 8-11pm EST CE focused

Added ya on bnet tonight.

Here is our spam so you can get an idea of who/what we are :slight_smile:


Hey Ishtaldea!

I think we would be a great fit! I’ll add you to chat more but take a look at us in the meantime :slight_smile:

Hi Ishtaldea,
Hope you are doing well! Mythically Delicious is 1/10M looking for 1 good healer to down Huntsman then go further into Mythic CN. I think you would be a great fit in our guild and what we need! Added you on bnet (mine is Aiolos#1997), hope to chat soon and I’d be happy to answer any questions!
[[H] <Mythically Delicious> [1/10M, 10/10H] Recruiting 1 Healer for Mythic Nathria]