209 Fury warrior needs a home

Right now I am almost solely available on the weekends due to work schedule. 6/10H 481 I.O.

I didn’t change the character name on here first this is actually the toon.

Have a look and feel free to reach out :smiley:

Hi Mtrjumpyboi,

I don’t know if you’ve already found a new home, but if you’re still on the hunt, feel free to give us a look. My guild < Part Time Heroes > on Hyjal is a casual raiding guild. Our Heroic Raid Team is focused on getting AotC and a handful of Mythic Bosses before the tier is finished. We are currently 10/10H and ready to start fresh mythic progress, and we could use a capable warrior to help us reach our goal!

Our raid days/times are T/W 8-11pm PST. Not sure if that aligns well with what you’re looking for, but if you can swing the times, we may be a good fit! If you’re interested, I’d love to chat!

My Btag and a link to our guild post are below. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks!