207 Warlock 10/10H LF Hawaii Raiding Guild? Or Late Night


My Warlock is looking for a new raiding guild. My Warlock is 207 Ilvl and 10/10 Heroic. I am currently looking for any guild that is based in Hawaii or filled with a bunch of Hawaii raiders. I am also looking for any raiding guild that is raiding late night. Looking for times such as:

On Monday- Thursday any time between 10 pm-1am PST

You can add my Bnet at: Razed#1594
Or Discord at: elohels(Avjgjoe)#2310

(Willing to server or faction change if it feels like the best fit!) Hope to hear from some guild soon!



Still Looking!

New late night raiding guild that is in your time frame.

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I’m from Charming Degenerates and we a LATE LATE night guild! hit me up if you interested! 1:30EST (10:30PST) for 3 hours on wed/thurs. Looking to get AOTC and develop the roster this tier! Let me know if you have any questions! Currently 9/10H, add be on BTAG Thanatoz#1569 or Discord Ingvar#8491

We still need a few more for a full raid roster. We raid 9-11 PM PST on W/Th on Proudmoore (Alliance).

We just started a few weeks ago.

Team members have up to 9/10H experience and we are focusing on AOTC. I have completed every AOTC last expansion, about half as a raid lead.

You can reach me at grimthane#3215 on discord, or VeryGrim#1543 on Battle.net.

Bumping Agian!

H A V E N is a friendly semi-hardcore raid guild with a goal of CE looking for solid players. What we want most out of our raiders is for everyone to ENJOY the game, be friends, play the class well that they like, and to absolutely have a non-toxic raid environment where everyone is respected. Lastly, feet pics and a hate for goblins is a must for applicants.

Raid Times/Days: Wed/Fri 3am-6am EST (12am-3am PST). We are currently 10/10H 3/10M.

Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Sheepp#6867(Bnet ID Julie#1784), Ftramza#2488 (Bnet ID Ftramza#1723)

Requirements: - Attendance is important for progression and we require 80%+ and notice of absences when possible.

Needs: Warlock- High Priority
Tank (Any Class)- High Priority
Shadow Priest- High Priority
Healer with an off-spec
All roles essentially available for motivated and skilled players!