203 Havoc DH Multi CE Raider LF Guild

9/10H 10/10N Nathria Havoc DH looking for new guild to continue into the future with. Competitive player who always looks to improve/analyze logs. I can play almost any dps/role and am willing to going forward in other tiers. 12/12CE Nyalotha 8/8M CE Eternal Palace. Looking for a CE guild pushing in Nathria. raiding with current guild untill i find a good fit. Disc: Amaterasu#1392 Btag: Amaterasu#11901

still looking for a good group :slight_smile:

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You’re a bit further progressed than we are but I figure I’d take a shot and see what you think of our guild.

My btag is illmerica#1459

Currently 4/10 H and plan on progressing quickly