20 kills away from 100,000 honorable kills achievement

I wish I had my hk’s from my old 2 accounts onto my current main account. I’d probably be at 500k+ minimum.

Glad I got my 250k in Cata. PvP just isn’t what it used to be. 250k HK’s plus what ever more up until WoD. Now sitting at honor level 16 or something lol. /cry Wtb good class design.


Ha I thought my L34 or whatever honor was bad but I got all that purely from spamming tower quests on 12 alts throughout Legion. I think I saw maybe a grand total of 2 Alliance players throughout all those.

I wish I could restore characters I deleted back in BC. I had a NE priest, a NE hunter and a gnome rogue I did tons of vanilla pvp on. The priest alone would have given me 250k when added :frowning:

No kidding, I’ve had Bloodthirsty since MoP and sometimes I worry I’m going to be way behind the pack “IF” another title gets added, which will for sure be a million kill title.

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You can, if they were lvl 50+. I deleted this priest in vanilla at level 60 and just restored it at the start of Legion. Characters over level 50 are apparently never actually deleted, even if you deleted them years ago. Just go to the server and use the undelete thing.

Unless it’s on another account you don’t have anymore, for whatever reason. Then there isn’t really anything you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

This is amazing.



I tried that when they added the restore-it-yourself dealio. I didn’t have anyone eligible on Cenarius or Arathor where they were :frowning: I know for sure hunter & priest were 70, rogue had to be at least 60 though. I figured it was just too long since they probably didn’t exist anywhere at all anymore.

But yeah no, I’ve only had this one account since I started back in early '05. I’m not gonna sweat it though, but thanks for the advice!

Congrats! They need to make another hk achievement though I’m getting hungry.

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grats op, I also agree they should make a 500k and 1 million achievement, made the 250k achievement back in 2012.

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inner completionist screams in fury and agony


If I were horde I’d let you kill me just to help you get there.

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I should have ground out my 100k back when HKs were a dime a dozen in Wintergrasp during Wrath. Just don’t have the urge or patience now.

My priest’s name is “Appalled of the Horde.”

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You. Orc. Yes, you.
I like you.


I don’t know how you all have done it…

I skipped most of WoD and the ultimate crap show…all of it…MOP…

I still have about 96000 to go…but has been amped up considerably since I started pvp’ing alliance now.

Most of us did it in Ashran. If you skipped WoD that’s why you’re so far behind.

I cannot stand the 10-15 min horde queue times…they a joke.

Rather the 1-2 min queues…win or lose…it all good…I will be playing faster than they will…

Sick achievement bro. Gratz!

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This so much.

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That is crap…the alliance is getting better…win a lot more now than I lose…