2 Night (Thurs/Sun) Life first guild. 3/8 M


Greetings! We Were SOLDIERs is a semi-HC mythic raiding guild. We are located on the Stormreaver US server, Horde side. If you are a displaced raider, just coming back to BFA, or looking to get on a Heroic/Mythic raid roster we may be a good fit for you! We are an exceptionally good fit for veteran HC raiders who prefer to raid for fun in a relaxed environment rather than have WoW raids feel like another job.

Mythic Team Raid Times:
Thursday 8:00-11:00 EST
Sunday 7:30-11 EST

We are strictly 2 nights, however we have optional Raid nights:
Tuesday 8 EST (Optional Mains-Deep Farm)-Will run first 5 weeks after raids open.

7/9 H Battle of Dazar’Alor
3/8 M Uldir
6/11 M ABT
5/9 M ToS
5/10 M NH
4/7 M EN 3/3 H ToV.

M+ Note: We have a few main raiders who push M+ keys or even leader boards weekly. Players are required to complete a M+, ideally +10 minimum, weekly. We run multiple groups multiple days to aid with this requirement.

Old Progression:
Most of BC Raids (hyjal excluded)
All of Wrath
Spread after wrath, most of us raided until WoD.
Core members completed all content in Cata and MoP

Needs: These are all CORE positions!
Main Tank-Monk, DK, or Paladin ideal.
*FLEX HEALER-DPS 80% of the time and fill as a healer when a main heals has to miss raids. Shaman or Druid ideal.
*RANGED DPS-any exceptional DPS considered.
*FLEX TANK-DPS about 75% of the time and fill for tank.

About Us:
We are a close knit group that started raiding over 10 years ago. Our goal as a guild has always been to see the content of each raid. We then generally strive to down all content on harder difficulties. Many of our members were former top 100 raiders and put up top parses and remain competitive. Due to a 2 night schedule we will not likely down everything on mythic in an expansion. We play games outside of WoW together as well (League of Legends, HOTS, SC2, Hearthstone, Diablo, etc)

About the GM:
The GM has been a top tier raider for years. Through Cata and MoP he was consistently a top 100 world healer who was in the #2 3 day/week guild US. He was an officer and raid leader during those times. He also worked with Blood Legion and subbed in with their PTR raids. He is very competent at breaking down raid mechanics and content. When we push harder difficulties we have the leadership to do it seamlessly.

Loot Rules:
Raid members submit a BiS list at the beginning of each raid tier. Players should trade any item not on their BiS list, when possible. Trial period typically lasts 1-3 weeks.

Guild Attitude:
Many of us are in the age range of 21-35. We are all adults, as such we have an adult Discord Voice Server and interactions with each other. We push each other to do better and often make fun of one another in the process. If you are easily offended, need a safe space, or feel that you are a special snowflake; we are not the guild for you. If you can take some banter and dish it out then you will fit right in.

Anytime you have 10-30 people working together you will have issues. The difference between success and failure is how you resolve those conflicts. We are drama free. The way we stay that way is by resolving conflicts early.

About You:
We are looking for consistent raiders who can make our scheduled raid times 80+% of the time. We expect you to have read up on your class, know the raid encounter mechanics, and be able to perform your role well. We all will make mistakes but we ideally want raiders who learn quickly from them and adapt. If you make a mistake we will tell you how to fix it. Similarly, if you have some ideas to share you will be given time to do that. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun, make new friends, and down some digital bad guys. If you have read this far and are still interested feel free to contact me in game. my ID is listed below. We will consider all exceptional players and will take small groups as well. If you are looking for a casual, non-raid position you are also welcome in our guild.


(H) 362 Lock (Former Top 100 US Vanilla/TBC Raider) looking for guild!
Old Guy - Big XP
Back after a unexpected break
(A) Group of 3 looking for Heroic/Mythic Progression
383 Ret Pally looking for a guild!
Returning dad looking for casual-ish raiding/M+, 386 lock
[H] 397 Enh Shaman LF semi-hardcore raiding guild
[H][US] AOTC ilv404 Guardian Druid (Feral/Resto offspec) LFG on Area 52, Illidan, Thrall etc
400 Ilvl Druid Tank
[A] 386 Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild
Looking for a guild
388 Boomkin LF Raid Team
398 Boomkin new to raiding
398 Boomkin new to raiding
Spriest & Boomkin LFG
LF Friendly Guild Stormrage
399 boomkin looking for guild
385 Prot pally LF 2 day raid guild
Flex raider LF long term guild
403 MM Hunter LF mythic raid team
395 Warlock LF H/M BoD Raiding Guild
380 BM-Hunter 2/8M - DK Tank 360 Looking for a Raiding guild
370 Resto Shaman looking for guild - Dunemaul
LF active progression guild
373 BM hunter/370 WW lf raiding guild to call home
AOTC Paladin Looking for Heroic Guild
(Sivahn) #2

It’s a great guild to join


Thanks Siv! It is great here! We need a few DPS for next raid tier and beyond!


Has always been a fair and skilled group to play with. Have been with them for years. Come join us.

387 Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild
402 Prot Pally LF Raiding guild
386 Brewmaster Monk
390 Blood DK LF Semi-Casual Guild
Looking for a new raiding guild any faction [A] atm
400 Ret paladin & 400 shadow priest lf mythic
380 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
Post deleted as it is no longer relevant
[A] Warlock looking for home for Normal/Heroic
6 Friends looking for a home
389 Feral/Guardian LF Mythic raiding guild

Thanks for the bump! we need a couple skilled DPS for Dazar’Alor!

Veteran Rogue LF Guild

Bump :slight_smile: :smile:


Nuk is the man!