2% hit buffs being pushed off character upon zoning

As the title states. Every time you zone, one of your 2% hit buffs will be pushed off of your character. So say you have devilsaur set, mark of the unforgiven, and truestrikes as is pre raid best in slot for most melee and hunters atm, every time you zone in somewhere you have to remove all of your gear that gives you a 2% hit buff and put it back on in order to maintain the 9% hit cap. I know its not just a bug with my addon that calculates my hit % because I started looking into it after I missed an aimed shot with 9% hit in stratholme on a level 61 elite. After some testing to see what was causing it I realized I lost 2% hit every time i would zone, until all 3 of the buffs dropped off of my character.