2 different bugs - Game Window Scaling Issues

I am using Monterey 12.3.1 on a Mac Studio with a 32" 4k display. I normally have the system display settings set to scale my display so that the text is of readable size. If I launch WoW, the game window shows up on the screen far smaller than the stated resolution of the window. In order to get the game window to show up at the correct size for its stated pixel dimensions, I have to change my display system setting to native resolution prior to launching WoW, which is far from optimal since I play in windowed mode in order to keep Discord and my raid log uploader accessible (and ideally large enough to read) in the background.

The second bug is that I cannot drag to resize the game window. As soon as I click on the corner with the drag-resize icon, it switches back to the gauntlet, and the cursor becomes unresponsive. I can’t click on anything within the game window, and have to quit the game from the top menu.

You may wish to try the steps outlined in this post. That should give you the ability to set a window size. After that you should be able to drag the window without resizing it so that it and Discord can be onscreen at the same time. It’s currently the only workaround for the window crash bug. As for the smaller than expected window, you should be using native resolution for your desktop and instead using the resolution scale slider in the game to lower that so that it uses Fidelity Super Resolution in order to give you better framerates with minimal quality loss (it’s far better in WoW under macOS than in most games in Windows ironically). The reason your window is smaller than expected is because the game sizes the window relative to the currently selected resolution. Use native resolution and do the steps I provided for you to set the desired window size. That will let you play without issues.

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Thank you for the workaround.

I am using the resolution scaling within the game since I don’t need 4k resolution in WoW like I do when I am working on graphic files. I found that Crusader Kings III also has the same scaling issue where the game window is smaller than it should be for the set pixel size. It seems likely this is due to a matter of the MacOS display scaling not playing nice with the various games. Whatever scaling information MacOS is outputting is not being communicated correctly to the game clients. The solution is to keep the display at its native resolution.

It may just be a matter of my old eyes trying to get used to my new 32" 4k monitor with its very tiny text and UI elements. Thanks again.