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bump for more players!
08/23/2018 02:06 PMPosted by Twinkietot
bump for more players!

Interested in guild. Recent server transfer. IMpactO#11139
Want more players to join us :)
bump for more
Sounds like the guild for me!
welcome to all the new players who have joined. We are looking for more!
bump for adding to our roster
Looking to add a few more to our raiding core - check us out if you're looking for easy and fun! :)
Come check us out if you can't always make raids on time or every week. We don't have any attendance requirements and just want to play with people we can have fun with!
bump for some fun players to join us!
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Looking for more fun players to join us!
Looking for more
come join us!
We need a few players :)
Looking for a few players to join the raid roster so we can look at Mythic raids :)
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looking for more
bump to the top! :)
Hey! I'd really like to join your guild if that's all good. I read the info at the front of the post and wanted to leave this here. My B-Tag is Willyam#11554 if you see this.