2/9 M DH LF semi-hardcore raiding guild


I currently main HDH and my 2/9 M kills are from pugging. I have several geared alts: shaman, paladin, priest, rogue, DK, hunter, and monk. I’m looking for a guild that gets AOTC each tier and then starts semi-hardcore mythic progression with only 1 or 2 scheduled raid nights. Raiders and other members pushing keys is also a must. I am not looking for a guild where people only log on during raid times. A guild with some active pvp players would be a plus. I’m willing to server and/or faction transfer.
My preferred raid days/times would be MWFSaSu between 7p-11p CST. I might be able to make Tues or Thurs work depending on what the other raid night will be.
Bnet: BuffyCat#11544
Discord: buffycat#4676